Walt Disney Presents AIDA by Dakotaa


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I think even though Aida doesn't have that major "Happily Ever After" ending it would still be a beautiful story to illustrate. The story would definitely be shortened in length because that's just what happens in most films from musicals. And as much as I LOVE the soundtrack, unfortunately not all songs would fit into the movie. A list of the songs that would probably go into the movie would be:

~Every Story is a Love Story ~The Past is Another Land ~Strongest Suit ~Dance of the Robe ~Elaborate Lives ~Easy as a Life ~Written in the Stars ~I know the Truth ~Every Story is a Love Story (Reprise)

Basic Plotline: Egypt overruns Nubia and takes the citizens as slaves for their empire building. Aida was one of the women who became palace slaves and this is where she sparks the interest of Radames, Captain of the Egyptian Army and fiancee to the Princess of Egypt, leading to a forbidden love. The plot thickens as more plot bunnies are revealed and the story grows. What kinds of plot bunnies you say? Well wait for next summer! (Or rather look on Wikipedia, you're probably not going to get your answers any summer soon)

That was a serious cut out of the soundtrack, but I think those would be most contributing to the story (And some I just love).

Gahhhh I don't know what else to write. I feel so cheap using an already written musical. I am highly amused at my random gibberish at the bottom of the poster. And I need sleep. So good night.

Art belongs to me. Aida belongs to Disney.

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