Prologue: A beautiful peaceful morning/Bug circus time

Flik and Atta are sitting right underneath a real big dandelion, which is shading them and everybody from the hot sunlight.

Flik: "Well, Atta, it sure is a beautiful peaceful morning out here."

Atta: "I know, Flik, now that Hopper and his no good gang of grasshoppers are gone for good, except for Molt, who turned nice at the end, we all get the entire colony to ourselves."

Dot: "And ever since our mother passed away peacefully, we've been in Henry and Mona's care for a couple of years by now."

Molt: "So, Flik, guys, now that the evil grasshoppers are deceased, is everything good with all of us?"

Slim: "Yes, Molt, of course it is."

Francis: "Just the beginning of a brand new year of summer time."

Disney presents

In Association with Pixar Studios

A Bug's Life 2: The Adventures of Fearless Pals

Directed by John Lasseter and Brad Lewis

Produced by Denise Ream and Mark Nielsen

Storyboards by Dan Fogelman

Screenplay written by Ben Queen

Edited by Stephen Schaffer

Music by Michael Giacchino

Bug Circus Announcer: "Ladies and gentlebugs, larvae of all stages, put your hands and wings together for P.T. Flea's bug circus!"

P.T. Flea arrives with Francis, Heimlich, Slim, Rosie, Dim, Gypsy, Manny, Tuck and Roll on his bug circus wagon.

P.T. Flea: "This is the most exciting event of my entire life."

Slim: "There's the audience, Francis, oh, I adore the audience."

Heimlich: "Oh boy, I can hartly beliefe ve haf anozzer set uff an audience."    

Manny: "On with the show, everybuggy."

The show begins with Rosie taming Dim.

Rosie: "Hiyah, huuh, I have no fear!"

Audience Members: "Ooh, wow!"

Tuck and Roll are dancing around like crazy.

Audience Members: [Cheering And Whistling]

Then comes Slim, Francis and Heimlich's turn.

Slim: La dee-da-dee-da, "Summer time is finally here, and we're beautiful summer flowers with nothing to say."

Francis: "Oh look, a honeybee!"

Heimlich comes in dressed up like a honeybee.

Heimlich: "I'm an adorable honeybee, here I come little summer flower friends!"

Francis and Slim begin running around with Heimlich chasing them.

Heimlich: "You'd better keep schtill, little summer flower friends."

Audience Members: [Laughing Uncontrollably]

Meanwhile in the humans' point of view....

Dr. Salzar: (from inside his evil mansion) "So, those bugs think they're so intelligent, don't they?"

Dr. Salzar: "Well, I think it's time for my own little plan to capture 1 of them."

Jack Dastardly: "How are we gonna do that, boss?"

Dr. Salzar: "By using an empty plastic container with little air holes in them."

Danger Stanley: "Hey, I like that idea."

Jack Dastardly: "It just might work."

Dr. Salzar: "Well, my 2 henchman, it's time to head on out the road."

Scene 1: Bug City

Dot: "Wow, what a beautiful city town."

Atta: "Just look at all of those buildings around here."

Mona: "There's the Bug Bar and a dinner theater just ahead of all of us."

Gypsy: "Hey, I've got an idea, let's all hang around at the Bug Bar, there might be a dinner theater in there."

Manny: "Good idea, let's all go inside."

The 17 bug friends all go inside the Bug Bar.......

Inside the Bug Bar

[Sounds Of Piano Music]

Francis: "There's nothing like the sound of a wonderful dinner theater."

[Crowd Speaking And Laughing Indistinctively]

Fly Waiter: "Hot stuff, comin' through!"

A female ladybug/Olivia flies over to where Francis is sitting.

Female Ladybug/Olivia: "Oh hi there, love-bug, mind if I join your gang?"

Francis: "Uh, no, I don't mind at all if you join our gang."

Female Ladybug/Olivia: "Are you gonna tell me your name? (she sits right next to Francis) well, mine's Olivia by the way."

Francis: "Nice to meet you, Olivia, I'm Francis, and this is Flik, Atta, Dot, Heimlich, Slim, the Ant Queen, Rosie, Dim, Molt, Tuck and Roll."

Olivia: "Wow, the entire gang!"

Slim: "Finally, a male and female ladybug."

Heimlich: "Now ve don't need to vorry about mistaking Francis fur a female ladybug efer again."

Francis: "Now that's a relief."

Meanwhile outside in downtown Bug City........

Atta: "Well, you guys, I've had a wonderful evening with all of you tonight."

Flik: "It sure was, but there's plenty more sights to see and explore and a real good movie to watch."

Dr. Salzar: (off screen) "Now I found you."

Dr. Salzar's right hand puts Atta in an empty plastic container with air holes in the lid.

Atta: "Hey, what gives?!? somebody get me outta here, Flik, Heimlich, guys, do something about it!"

Flik: "Hang in there, Atta, we're coming to get you outta there!"

Dr. Salzar walks right off with Atta, who's still in the plastic container with air holes in the lid.

Flik: "He's got Atta, follow me, everybuggy, we'll go on this rescue mission!"

Gypsy: "How are we gonna get there?"

Slim: "Well, 1st we go right past the Grasshopper Graveyard, then we go right over the big log bridge, and eventually, we'll get to Dr. Salzar's evil mansion."

Mona: "What are we waiting for? let's go rescue her and get her outta that container right away."

Henry: "Come on, everyone."

Heimlich: "You said it, Your Retired Highness."

The 13 bugs go off on their mission to rescue Atta from imprisionment by Dr. Salzar.

Flik: "Follow me, guys, the fastest way to Dr. Salzar's lair is right through the Grasshopper Graveyard."

The Grasshopper Graveyard

Heimlich: "Ze Grasschopper Grafeyart?"

Molt: "But that's where my brother, Hopper was buried."

Flik: "Well, it looks like Hopper didn't last a very long time inside that red bird's stomach."

Suddenly, a ghostly grasshoper hand reaches out and almost grabs Heimlich.

Heimlich: "Flik, Francis, guys!"

Flik: "Heimlich, what's going on?"

Heimlich: "I'm beginning to feel deceased bugs around here."

Francis: "Are you getting the shakes and the willies? the heebie jeebies?"

Heimlich: Quit messing vith me, Francis, zis place is already creeping me out!"

Olivia: "We'd better get outta here."

The bug heroes are about to leave, but Hopper's Ghost Figure spots them.

Heimlich: "Hopper?!?"

Flik: "What do you want from any of us?!?"

Francis: "I know we saw you get eaten by those wild birds and pass away in our 1st movie!"

Hopper's Ghost Figure: "You foolish bugs, this time it's your turn to get haunted, (calling out to his grasshopper ghost figure army), okay, my grasshopper ghost figure army, do your stuff."

The bug heroes run away from Hopper's Ghost Figure and Dim charges at him 'til Hopper's Ghost Figure is no more.

Scene 2: Flik's Idea

The Grassy Fields

Dim: Got him!

Flik: Man, that was close.

Slim: Hopper's ghost figure was vanishing Away so fast.

Rosie: Psh. That was ridiculous.

Flik: No, Rosie, is was not.