A Fool's Journey is a TV series based on a cartoon from Disney's Cartoon Collections with the same name.


A court jester and a princess in disguise travel through mythical lands to bring peace to their kingdom.


  • Nick (voiced by Jason Schwartzman): The court jester of the kingdom of Oblivon and the main protagonist.After some of the knights died,Nick was hired by King Neville to rid the kingdom of the monsters that attack the kingdom.
  • Princess Mirabel/ Luna (voiced by Tara Strong): The princess of Oblivon, the deuteragonist and Nick's love intrest.Princess Mirabel has disguised herself as a jester named Luna and snuck off with Nick to save the kingdom.She is skilled with small daggers.
  • King Neville (voiced by Richard White): The king of Oblivon.He is Mirabel's father and Nick's boss.In the past, he was a heroic warrior and a skilled archer.He bears a small resemblence to Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

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