Riley is walking around outside the school building and wearing a t-shirt which shows her beautifully adorable exposed bellybutton with a rabbit tattoo on it.

Cut back to the 10 emotions inside Riley's mind.....

Riley: "Hey, you guys, how's it going?"

Embarrassment: "Oh my gosh, Riley's showing all of her good friends and classmates her tattooed bellybutton outside the school building."

Disgust: "Spring time weather + summer time weather = tattooed bellybutton outside the school building."

Fear: "Good grief."

Cut back to Riley and her classmates......

Felicia: "Riley, i don't know how to say this about that tattoo, (She pokes lightly at Riley's exposed tattooed bellybutton showing up) but I think I can see your beautifully adorable looking bellybutton outside the school building peeking outta your t-shirt."

Riley: "Well, someimes,Felicia, but I mostly keep it covered with my other t-shirts."