Ace of Space
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date October 18, 2019
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Ace of Space is the twentieth episode of Season 1 of Weird World: The TV Show and it's the 20th episode overall.


During a card game, Stephanie tells George how she first arrived in Rainbow City.




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  • As stated in the episode's synopsis, this episode reveals how Stephanie first arrived in Rainbow City.
    • She arrived in October 1984, six years after Eleanor's apparent death, and in that time had been suffering depression and falling out with her gem friends, which lead to her decision to leave The Crystal Planet. Her space pod crashed into the Rainbow Sea and she swam to shore to find it. On her first days, she had felt physical and emotional pain, but has felt better since then. 34 years later, she would meet George during the events of the first film.
  • This is the first episode Craig and Scooter don't appear in, making George the only character to appear in every episode, and the same was for Stephanie until The Last Straw for Straw Berry: Part 1, her first absense.
    • It's also the the fourth episode Bash doesn't appear in, the sixth episode Tyler and Josie doesn't appear in (Tyler is given a mention though) and the seventh Sponghuck doesn't appear in.
  • This is the third time George and Stephanie hug. The first two times were the first film and the episode Divedown Disentanglement (another episode that was met with universal acclaim).
  • This episode has been considered one of the best by fans and critics alike for it's simple plot, music, messages and Stephanie's flashbacks of her arrival and first days in Rainbow City.
  • It's shown that Stephanie is a pro at poker.
  • It's revealed that Rainbow City was founded in 1936.
  • The episode surprisingly didn't gain a PG rating, despite some moderate violence and references to stripping.
  • Stephanie reveals her favourite colour is coral.
    • Two hints were her hoodie and her bedsheets, which are both coral.
  • In the scenes at home, Stephanie's hair in this episode is pastel green instead of her signature ombre orange/red/pink/purple/blue hair.
  • This marks the third appearance of Stephanie's best friend Tinashe, the first two being Divedown Disentanglement and Oorg.
    • It's also her last appearance as of now, though she may appear again soon.
  • This episode could hint Stephanie's true side.
  • It's revealed that Stephanie's back pearl cracked, as shown in the first film, because after her space pod crashed into the sea, it was beaten around by sea creatures and it caused Stephanie to hurt her back and cracked her pearl, which caused the loss of some, but not all, of her powers.