Arabella will be a upcoming 3D hand-drawn/computer animated feature film. It is being directed by John Kahrs and written by Talix, with songs and score composed by Alan Menken and lyricist Stephen Schwartz. The film lends voices from Chloë Grace Moretz as the titular character, Arabella; other voices include Drew Roy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kevin Zegers, Kat Graham ,Alfred Molina, Nathan Fillion, and Meryl Streep


Set in a dimensional world, Magileon, the story focus on thirteen year old Arabella "Ara" Brooms, who just received an invitation to head to the prestigious Mystic Academy. Unaware of what she should expect at the school, Ara will soon discover she was chosen for another reason. In order to seek the truth, Ara will team-up with other young witch apprentices to stop a rising conspiracy that could not only threaten the academy, but as well as Magileon itself. From secret dungeons to hungry dragons to crazy spells, Ara will uncover a mystery no one saw coming even though this it is her first year--yet it could be her last.


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Voice Cast


Alan Menken will be the composer of the film and Stephen Schwartz will do the lyrics.

Score soundtrack

Overall minutes: 60:79 minutes

Track number Song Composer Minutes
1 Nightmare Call Alan Menken 1:35
2 Marking's Day Alan Menken 4:59
3 Mystic Academy Alan Menken 3:30
4 Training One Alan Menken 2:00
5 Dante Alan Menken 1:35
6 The Move Alan Menken 2:35
7 Enchantment River Alan Menken 4:00
8 Medallion Challenge Alan Menken 3:35
9 Wicked Race Alan Menken 2:35
10 Beware Alan Menken 2:30
11 Eros Alan Menken 2:10
12 Exile Alan Menken 3:35
13 The Renewal Alan Menken 2:35
14 Opportunity Alan Menken 3:00
15 Styx Mountain Alan Menken 1:35
16 Signal Alan Menken 5:00
17 New Plan Alan Menken 3:00
18 Shallos' Cavern Alan Menken 2:35
19 Emotional Crisis Alan Menken 3:00
20 Twist Turn Alan Menken 3:00
21 Acceptance Alan Menken 2:35
22 End Credits Alan Menken 3:00

Disney's Arabella - The Soundtrack

The leading single, "Valor" by OneRepublic, will play in the ending credits.

Track number Song Artist
1 "Valor" OneRepublic
2 "Don't Forget Me" Katy Perry
3 "To the Wind" The Decemberists
4 "The Pawn" 3OH!3
5 "Blind" Avril Lavigne
6 "Archer's Turn" Luke Bryan
7 "Tides" 30 Seconds to Mars
8 "Forward" Arcade Fire
9 "Bad Blood" Youngblood Hawke
10 "Rise" Fireflight
11 "When We Fall" Lady Antebellum
12 "Away" Matthew Koma


Arabella: The Sun King

The second entry of the Arabella series and first sequel will be called Arabella: The Sun King.

Arabella: The Video Game

The game will be out on the Wii U, PS4, 3DS, and PS Vita days before the release of the first film. In the game, the game story will follow the film's storyline and will also feature a open world where the player can play Arabella, Wyatt, Zugo, Kiva, and Dante. The game will also have a online multiplayer mode.

Mystic Academy TV series

There will be a spin-off TV series entitled Mystic Academy that will focus on the ongoing activities around Mystic Academy. Besides Arabella and the other core characters that appear from the film, there will be new characters the TV series will focus only.

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