An episode from the Disney show The Adventures of Mickey, Donald and Goofy:


(Title Card)

(At Mickey, Donald and Goofy's house)

(Phone rings)

Mickey: I got it!

Donald: No, I got it!

Goofy: No, I got it!

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy fight over the phone)

Mickey's father: I got that.

(Mickey's father gets the phone from Mickey, Donald and Goofy)

Mickey's father: Hello! Yes, this is Mr. Mouse, you mean my sons? Yes, I'll bring them over.

(Mickey's father hangs up)

Mickey's father: That was Dr. Michael, he said I have to bring you to the doctor for a shot.

Mickey: A shot?

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy looks at each other nervously)

(Mickey, Donald, Goofy and their fathers in the car)

(At the doctor)

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy's fathers relax, while Mickey, Donald and Goofy read a book)

Dr. Michael: Okay, next up, Mickey, Donald and Goofy!

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy points at themselves)

Dr. Michael: Yes, you three, come on!

Mickey's father: Go on! You're not nervous are you?

Mickey: Us, nervous? Nah, getting the shot will be a cinch!

(Mickey chuckles nervously, then gulps)

Mickey: Come on, fellas!

(At the patient room)

Dr. Micheal: Listen, getting a shot isn't bad at all, it barely hurts. Well first, I need to do your check-up, but you're gonna have to take off your clothes.

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy take off their shoes, socks, pants, shirts and hats)

(Mickey and Goofy were about to take off their underwear and gloves)

Dr. Michael: Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! You two, keep your underwear and your gloves on! Now, sit on the chairs!

(Mickey, Donald and Goofy sit on their chairs)

Dr. Michael: Good, good, now open wide and say ah!

Mickey: Ah!

Donald: Ah!

Goofy: Ah!

(More later)

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