The Attic Is One of The Places In Haunted Mansion 2.. After The Cafeteria And Before the Graveyard.. A Bride Replaces Constance Hatchaway.. When you enter you here screaming and Unclearly people saying "Help Me!" And Glass Breaking Then after 26 Seconds You Pass A Dog Statue Shelf With Books Like (Little Red Riding Wolf, The Die and The Beanstalk, The Three Little Boars,More) And You See Paintings of The Bride's Last 2 Husbands (Jackie O'halet, Ben Johnson) They Have Two Axes Swung up to the pictures And The Bride Is Like Constance But She's Not She's Up To Constance's Shoulder and she moves her arms up and down with a candle and vase she says different things "Once Upon A Time.. there were three little boars...(Laughs..One Built A House Made Of Raw And The Other Made A House made of Witch And The Other Made a House Made of Frick (Bones...To Her) Then There was a Big Bad...Skeleton Who Blew All The Houses down The..End. She was Commonly Known as The StoryTeller Bride.. Then The Guests Go Through a door with green ghosts floating up from up then so on...

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