Aurelia (HPR1)
Background information
Fanfiction(s) Descendants
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Sarah Jeffery.
Portrayed by
Performance model
Inspiration Audrey from Descendants
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Aurelia Leah Philippa
Other names Aurelia
Personality Kind, generous, friendly (To heroes)
Manipulative, impatient, possessive, snobby (To villains)
Appearance Slim, brown haired, brown eyed, tanned skin.
Birthday March 23
Occupation Crown Princess of Auroria and Ulfstead
Affiliations Good
Home Auroria, Auradon
Relatives Queen Aurora (mother)
King Philip (father)
King Stefan (maternal grandfather†)
Queen Leah (maternal grandmother)
Philip's mother (paternal grandmother†)
King Hubert (paternal grandfather†)
Allies Chad Charming, Ben
Enemies Levie, Evie, Jayden, Cruellus
Likes Heroes
Dislikes Villains
Powers and abilities
Quote TBA

Princess Aurelia is one of the characters in the fanfiction Descendants. She is the daughter of King Philip and Queen Aurora and Cheerleading Captain.

Descendants Fanfiction Biography

Aurelia is the daughter of Queen Aurora and King Philip. Beautiful, willful and energetic, she’s everything a Princess should be – and the apple of her grandmother’s eye. But there’s something about Levie that rubs her the wrong way - and vice versa - and sparks fly, though not in the romantic way. Eventually, the clash of Monster and Princess must arrive… and, when it does, it will bring chaos to Auradon.


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