Ava Assignment is an American/Canadian television mockumentary that will premiered on Disney Channel on January 2017, which follows the life of Ava DiMiggo becomes toy maker!


Ava DiMiggo is struggling with her wealth and family. When she moves to California, she began to work with a teenage rapper, Banana Z in the toy company called, KAWAII CO.. Then, Ava decided to make popular toys.


  • Ava DiMiggo, by JoJo Siwa. A dim-witted dumb-blonde who stated to earn money by making toys with her favorite rapper, Banana Z. She might have a massive crush on Gus, but she is too young for him.
  • Banana Z, by Ariana Grande. A teenage (age 16) rapper with an elegant voice and an arrogant attitude.
  • Gus McKroll, by Kevin Hart. Banana Z's 22-year-old agent and secretary. He is loud and yet sensitive. Ava has a crush on him, but he is unaware of this.