Baby Driscoll
Background information
Feature films
Television programs KunoichiShow!, The Brotectives
Video games Kittie's Pinball Party
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Tiffany Ikhile (ChardonnayBloo)
Voice Kat Dennings
International Voice
Performance model
Designer ChardonnayBloo
Inspiration Nabiki Tendo, Barbara from the Rayman franchise, Hiro Hamada, Baby from Dirty Dancing
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Babylon "Babi" Trinidad Driscoll
Other names Hot Head, Babe, Miss Bang Bang, Baby Boo
Personality confident, sweet, sharp tongued, cool headed
Appearance Dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, purple eye shadow
Age 14
Birthday March 4 1998
Occupation Rocky's Secretary/receptionist, best friend of Princess Kittie McFist, girlfriend of Choney Chavez, arch rival of Desirae Monteque
Alignment good
Affiliations Brotectives Agency, The Kunomi Gang (Book series only)
Goal Various
Home Langelees, Florida
Relatives Molly Driscoll (mother), Danny Driscoll (father, deceased)
Love Interests Choney Chavez (denied), Arch Rider (Book series only, denied)
Pets Chocolate (dog)
Allies Princess Dollianne, Sugar Rivera, Rocky Childs, Mighty Retterguard, Choney Chavez, King Jack Crabgrass, Stanny McGregor, Takaharu Commando (Book series only), Yakumo Monteque (book series only)
Minions Chocolate
Enemies The Temptress, Desirae Monteque, Dairess,Captain Panikk, Captain Panikk Jr., Arch Rider, Kikyo Assuko
Likes Eating Spicy Meals, Placing Bets, Ballet (secretly)
Dislikes tests, losing bets
Powers and abilities Immunity to all spicy substances thanks to her non-heating factor
Weapons Ninja Shuriken borrowed from Jack
Fate TBA
Quote "Unless lunch is your treat, I'll pass."

Babylon "Babi" Trinidad Driscoll is a main character from KunoichiShow! . She is the best friend of Princess Kittie and the arch rival of Desire' Monteque. Baby is voiced by Kat Dennings who currently plays Max Black from 2 Broke Girls.


Babi has a beautiful singing voice, but not as beautiful as her best friend. She only sings when she is very depressed. Her "Make Me Happy" song is Mr. Sandman by The Courdettes. Howard rarely sing with her whenever he finds her depressed. Babi has also shared a duet with her best friend Dollianne.

Songs sung by Babi

  • Mr. Sandman
  • One In The Same (Cover) with Princess Dollianne

Origin of Kittie & Babi's Friendship

During Kittie's early childhood years, Kittie didnt have much friends due to her curse, Jack being in school and his baseball hobbies, and her ninja training. Luckily Empress Staci used to be best friends with Holli Driscoll (Baby's mother) since high school. The two women thought Baby should be "Realm Pen Pals" with Staci's neice Kittie. From the years that follow Kittie and Baby have constantly been "Realm Chatting", Kittie has also mailed a special Ninchantiss Key to Babi so she can visit her anytime through any door.


  • Baby was named after the character Francis "Baby" Houseman from the 1987 film Dirty Dancing.
  • Babi has actually dated Rocky before, but the two had to break up do to lack of "Romantic Sparks".
  • Babi was also based on Max Black from the Television Sitcom 2 Broke Girls.
  • Following that, Kat Dennings who played Max Black, voices Baby.

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