Max woke up in a blue nursery. His head felt groggy, "ungh where am I?" Max looked around, there was a rainbow coloured crib with a mobile hanging above it, a red changing table in one corner and a toy box in the other. Max tried to get up, it was strangely difficult to do so. Max heard a faint crinkling, he was wearing something soft and plastic like. He noticed there was a mirror nearby. Max toddled over to it. He gasped when he saw what he looked like. Staring back was a baby boy with short, messy blonde hair and blue eyes. He was wearing just a diaper. The diaper had blue tabs and a blue border, it was printed with Disney characters.

Max shrugged his shoulders and toddled over to the changing table. He looked inside the drawers, there were pacifiers inside. He picked out a blue one with a yellow ring, it was shiny looking. He put the pacifier in his mouth and sucked it.

Max then sat down on the mat where he woke up. There were toys nearby so he played with them. Suddenly, he had company. There was an orange and yellow teddy bear sniffing the floor with his big, black shiny nose. Max was transfixed by the teddy bear, he wondered what it would feel like to be sniffed by him.

The teddy bear grinned and ran towards Max before tackling him to the floor. He sat on Max before smooshing his shiny black nose into his face. It felt wet and slimy. Max gurgled as the teddy bear rubbed his nose against his. The Screwy Squirrel nosed teddy bear then began sniffing Max's diaper. He blushed as the teddy bear sniffed him. Max then squeezed the teddy bear's nose, it felt wet and squeaked like a toy. He giggled and squeezed it again.

"Ow! My nose!" said the teddy bear as he rubbed his nose. Max giggled. The teddy bear grinned and sniffed him again. Max responded by squeezing his nose and giggling. "Try that now, kiddo." The teddy bear shrunk Max with a magic spell, the now giant teddy bear picked up Max and brought him up to his face. The teddy sniffed Max, his breath was like a hurricane. Max was transfixed by his big shiny wet black nose. He watched it quiver and twitch. Max wet his diaper slightly as he thought about being sniffed.

The teddy bear then put Max back on the carpet. Max tried to climb on him, but was unsuccessful and gave up. He chose to sit on Teddy's furry tummy which was moving up and down from his breathing.

"What are you doing?" Teddy asked the tiny boy. Max then waddled along his furry stomach until he was staring up at the giant teddy bear. A hurricane like blast of air from his nostrils nearly blew Max away. Max rubbed his hands with a smirk and stuffed them up Teddy's nostrils. There was a wet splat as they sunk into something slimey...

Max groaned in disgust and withdrew his left hand. However it was stuck in a thick glob of green goo. The rubbery goo stretched as he pulled at it but was pulling back. "Unnnnngh! Nnnnnngh!" Max grunted as he struggled and squirmed, tugging frantically at the slimey goo he was stuck in.

"Eeeeeugh! Gross! You're stuck in my boogers!" Teddy yelled. He watched Max struggle, he was still stuck. Max grunted as he pulled at the goo as hard as possible. Eventually it snapped like elastic bands and he was free.

"Aaaaachooooo!" Teddy sneezed a torrent of snot all over him, gluing Max to the floor. Max struggled and squirmed in the goo but he was stuck fast.

"Yeeeeuck! You're mucky!" Teddy groaned in disgust as he pulled Max out of the goo. Max gurgled as he dangled by his diaper. He dripped slime everywhere.

Teddy frowned and rolled his eyes before returning Max to normal size.

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