Birthday Girl

Birthday Girl is a 20X1 traditional hand-drawn animated American film produced by Walt Disney Animated Studios and distributed by Walt Disney Pictures in the United States and Scholastic in other countries. it is loosely based on the PBS Kids series WordGirl.

The film is the 71st film in the Disney animated features canon and is also the second film in the 2nd Disney Renaissance.

The idea for Birthday Girl is created by BiggestKirbyFanEver1994.


The film begins with a montage of scenes depicting WordGirl, a superhero with a super vocabulary, and her many exploits during a broadcast of a WordGirl-themd documentary. The TV turns off and the opening credits are shown as a warped version of the "Happy Birthday" song plays in the background.

A girl named Violet is spending the day at the zoo, when she encounters Eileen, who tells her it's her birthday today. She gives Eileen her balloon, but Eileen notices her charm bracelet. When Violet tells her she can't have it, Eileen grows bigger yelling "Mine! Mine! MINE!" Then she notices a chimpanzee named Huggy and decides to steal him out of greed. Violet calls on WordGirl to help her get him back. However, in their quest to find Huggy and his captor, they seem to be exaggerating to a lot of busy people.

WordGirl and Violet encounter Eileen, who is now the size of a giant monster, climbing the top of the Gold Star Tower. WordGirl uses Violet's help to teach Eileen to be generous in order to rescue Huggy and get Eileen to shrink back to normal size, by convincing her to give Violet her necklace. Eileen tells her she needs to get a good night's sleep because tomorrow's her birthday. Violet is confused and Eileen says her mommy tells her every day is her birthday.

The next day, the Pretty Princess Wonderland Workshop has come to Fair City, and some priceless, jewel-covered Pretty Princess figurines, courtesy of the jewelry shop, are on display. But a mysterious stranger, wanting to get her hands on the figurines for herself, breaks in and steals them. Meanwhile, Violet is on their way to the workshop, only to arrive at a crime scene investigation. She calls WordGirl to help out. Reginald is having a breakdown, and seems to be very traumatized. He says that all he heard of the thief was her "haunting" voice: "Mine! Mine! MINE!" Commissioner Watson refuses to tell WordGirl the whole story, claiming he does not have the time no the patience, but he does mention that the thief is "a little girl between eight and ten, has super strength, and loves the Pretty Princess show".

The thief who stole the figurines is later revealed to be Eileen, who slams her hand on the table as she transforms into her monster self.

WordGirl decides to investigate who committed the crime, and finds the Magic Pony figurine left behind, which she keeps for evidence. She returns to her spaceship hideout, where she "investigates" the figurine, but actually is playing with it. Commissioner Watson calls her informing her about the robbery, and WordGirl tells him all the information she has, leading up to the fact that Eileen has done it. But when the police and WordGirl check out her house, all the police see is a cute little girl whose birthday is today. WordGirl investigates the house while the policemen are fawning over Eileen, saying that "this little ray of sunshine wouldn't do anything wrong in a million years". The commissioner realizes that the information about the thief fits WordGirl perfectly, and tells her to empty her pockets. When they find that she has been carrying the Magic Pony figurine the whole time, they think she stole the figurine set, don't believe her stories, and arrest her.

In jail, the warden then comes up to her cell and says that he once said "the day WordGirl goes to jail is the day I eat my hat". True to his word, he takes his hat and starts eating it. WordGirl tries to convince him that she doesn't belong here and to help her get out, but he proves to be no help, even saying that he thinks WordGirl doesn't enjoy his company. The warden also says that she needs to stay in her cell until her trial. While they wait, the warden starts eating a hat made of jerky.

Meanwhile, Violet tries to fight the villains running amok around the city, but wasn't a match for them, and gave up. Later, at the courthouse, Violet dresses in a suit and glasses and acts as a lawyer for WordGirl. Someone else enters, and it's District Attorney Botsford. She says that it's her job to make sure WordGirl goes to jail and gets "punished for her crime". The first witness Mrs. Botsford calls up is Reginald, the keeper of the figurines, who is still having a breakdown. Sorrowfully, he tells his side of the story. WordGirl objects that since Reginald didn't see the girl who stole them, it wasn't fair for him to say WordGirl actually did it.

Mrs. Botsford then calls WordGirl to the stand. She asks WordGirl if she was a little girl (yes), if she has super strength (yes), and if she loved the Pretty Princess show (yes, I love it more than anything!). WordGirl's last answer surprised the other court members, adding to the proof that she stole the figurines. WordGirl objects by stating that she knows another little girl who has super strength and loves Pretty Princess (but really, who doesn't), and calls Eileen, who just happened to be at the courthouse, to the stand. WordGirl asks Eileen if she was a little girl (yes, a wittle-wittle girl) and if she loved Pretty Princess (that's my favoritest thing ever!). WordGirl then said that if it was her birthday, she would want a birthday gift, and tempts her with the Magic Pony figurine. Eileen wants it, but WordGirl doesn't give it to her, causing Eileen to shout "Mine! Mine! MINE!", grow bigger, and break the roof. Reginald said that voice was the one he heard at the robbery scene, and everyone now knew that Eileen has super strength; a perfect match for the thief description.

Eileen takes the figurine and Mrs. Botsford, and starts rampaging around the city. When WordGirl catches up to Eileen, she says that Mrs. Botsford is another girl's mommy, and that it's not fair if Eileen has two mommies and another girl has none. Eileen tells WordGirl that she has no mommy and is an orphan. WordGirl tells Eileen to put Mrs. Botsford down, which she does and doing so causes her to shrink back to her normal size. They go back to the courthouse to finish up the case, where the judge says that WordGirl is not guilty and that she could go back to fighting crime.

Afterwards, WordGirl notices Eileen is about to be sent to jail, but WordGirl, remembering that Eileen has no mother, decides to adopt her as her sister/mother. She takes her to her spaceship hideout where she can live, under the condition she behaves herself.


  • Pamella Adlon as Eileen
  • Maria Bramford as Violet and District Attorney Botsford
  • Danna Phirman as WordGirl
  • Wayne Knight as Commissioner Watson
  • Seth MacFarlane as Reginald


  • This film is loosely based on 2 episodes from the WordGirl TV series "The Birthday Girl" and "The Wrong Side of the Law"
  • There are several differences between the film and the WordGirl TV series.
    • In the show, Huggy was WordGirl's sidekick, whilst in the film he is depicted living in the zoo.
    • In the film, WordGirl's secret identity Becky Botsford is never revealed, unlike in the TV series.
    • District Attorney Botsford is not revealed to be related to WordGirl/Becky.
  • A new WordGirl TV series based on the film, titled Birthday Girl and WordGirl is in development for a new Disney Junior block known as "Disney Junior X" .


Concept Artwork

Birthday Girl - Eileen

Rough concept sketch of Eileen.

Birthday Girl - Eileen + WordGirl

Rough concept sketch of Eileen and WordGirl.

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