The parents of Boo.

Boo's parents

Boo's parents


During the events of Monsters Inc., after Boo went into Monstropolis, they entered her room to wake her up only to find out that she was gone. They panicked and assumed that she had been kidnapped. They called the police, but when they found out that the police couldn't find her or her assumed kidnappers, they were upset. They went off looking for her as a result. Meanwhile, Boo's disappearance made big news and became a media sensation, and her face was put on milk cartons. The couple came back an hour after she returned, and were extremely happy to see her. Her mother then lifted her up in the air. The toddler giggled and struggled playfully in her grip. Her extended family came, and they were happy too. Her dog was not present, as he died on Christmas Eve, and she was born 48 days later.


  • Their first appearance is about Boo's conception and eventual birth. When she was born, they named her Mary, which is a reference to Boo's voice actress, Mary Gibbs. Boo signs her drawings with ''Mary'' in Monsters Inc. .
  • Gibbs is also the family name.

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