Brandi goes thought beyond many relationships with multiple Disney characters.


Paws Crumpster

Paws is Brandi's best friend, although she hitted him on the head with a pipe when they first met, Paws shows to  have a serious need for friends  and claims to have as many ideas as she does. Throughout each day, Brandi learns more about Paws as he writes an draws his own ideas on paper showing his creativity. Unfortunately Brandi's themes might sometimes be alittle too strange for Paws. Their friendship even grew a bit in Brandi's First Test, when Brandi comforting him made him realize he needs to be flexible if he wants to keep his relationship with Raisa. And when Paws "bear-hugged" her, her Newborn Magic Professors appeared and told she has passed her first test as she metaphorically soften a "bearish soul" (Paws), this would prompt him to be even nicer towards her (despite his grumpiness).

Max Goof

Max became a unfortunate friend to Brandi, despite their major differences. Brandi is shown to be somewhat of a new pain to Max (since his dad) due to her consistently calling him a "hound dog", much to his annoyance. Despite this, the two have become a swell pair of friends in the best of situations (especially during serious situations). Brandi stopped calling Max "a hound dog" in It's a Goofy Life as she promised him after he returned from nightmare world where he was never born. Since Goof like You, Brandi actually looks up to Max like a mentor (which as revealed in Bad Brother made Wilby very envious) wanting to be like him when she's his age. Max has acually became fond to Brandi, becoming protective of her and cautiously concerned about her seeing inappropriate things. 

Karen Trolley

Raisa Ross

Huey, Dewey, and Louie

Morty and Ferdie Fieldmouse

When she first met Mickey's nephews in Mouse Boys, Brandi felt both forgotten by Mickey and Minnie, only to learn in the end after they cleared her name from punishment for stealing Scoorge's money carriage that friends don't fade, not even for family members. Mickey also said at in the end of that episode that he's sure Brandi will be part of the Mouse Family one day. Morty is shown to to snarky and sarcastic towards her, but not without his reasons as he only wants her


Mirabelle Caliso

Jeffery Caliso


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