Brandi Civine
Background information
Feature films Mickey's Thrice Upon a Christmas
The Search for Mickey Mouse
Television programs Youngsters

Disney's All New House of Mouse

Video games
Park attractions Mickey's Once Upon A Christmastime Parade

Mickey's Soundsational Parade

Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jeanette Brox
International Voice
Performance model
Designer Care Bear Heart
Inspiration Al Jolson
Huey, Dewey, and Louie
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Brandi Floribeth Civine
Other names Little Dreamer

Enchanter Brandi
Greaser Girl (by Paws)
Wannabe (by the Drama Club)
Newbie (three times by Thuraya)
Swirly Prints (by the Beagle Brats)

Personality sweet, kind, friendly, creative, fun-loving, adventurous, polite, clever, imaginative, humble, thoughtful, shy, comical
Appearance Genetic: peach skin, chocolate brown hair, maize yellow hair at the tip of front hair and bottom of ponytail, India green eyes

Usual: short girl, tan boater hat with orange ribbon, white shirt, mint cream vest, magic mint skirt with sprinkle pattern at bottom, short white socks, lavender slippers with blue ribbons

Special Occasions: mint cream 50's waitress dress with orange details, green undershirt, red apron, mint cream uniform hat, white socks, blue suede shoes

Holidays: orange earmuffs, white fleece winter jacket, mint cream mittens, spring bud green plaid winter skirt, thick green socks, and beige wool boots

Birthday January 9th
Occupation school Student

Leader of the Mickey Groupies

Entertainer at the house of mouse

Apprectice enchanter (in kingdom hearts)

student at TBA

Goal To become as known as Mickey is
Home Mouseton (former)

Mickey's toontown

Relatives Mirabelle Caliso (mother)

Jeffery Caliso (father)

Wilby Civine (older brother)
Licia Esca (adopted older sister)
Kassandra Laninga (adopted older sister)
Loysa Caliso (older sister)

Bessie and Effie Civine (maternal cousins)

Will, Laddie, and Howie Bailey (paternal cousins)

Laura Caliso (maternal grandmother)
Theodore Caliso (maternal grandfather, deceased)

Gail Bailey (paternal grandmother)
Norman Bailey (paternal grandfather)

Love Interests Ferdie Fieldmouse
Pets Sunrise (snail)

Pluto Junior (puppy)

Allies Paws Crumpster, Mickey Mouse, Denise, Skippy Pig, Li'l Bad Wolf, Max Goof, Karen Trolley, Sema Marangoz, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, Crackers, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Pluto Junior, Pluto, Raisa Ross, Donald Duck, Goofy, Alice, Rapunzel, Merida, Launchpad McQuack, Chip and Dale, Mae Shadedoweye, Oak and Chestnut, Doofus Drake, Greta Greenland, Kit Cloudkicker, Banshea, Roxanne, Bonkers D. Bobcat, Miranda Wright, Carminda Kaiser, Marilyn Piquel, Herbs, Seasonings, Dumbo, The Riverhome Monsters, Xandra, Tabitha Quinn
Enemies Thuraya Stunnington,Darlie Arud, The Rising Stars, Beagle Boys, Maleficent, Vonda Tina, Beagle Brats, Claws Zibber, Lena Sweets, Presly Luck-Duck, Toontown Elementary Drama Club
Likes her best friend, school, old performers, rock music, Mickey's advice, snow, doo wop, music, backfiring on people for their "bratty" actions, crossovers in story books, candy, poor civilization, Chipmunks, birds, country life, villages, babysitters, pigs
Dislikes money, bullies, Pete's actions, orchestras, fancy music, France, China, Reggae music, guns, fancy clothes, rap music, hip-hop, rich people (except Scoorge McDuck), winning trophies or contests, cell phones, being phubbed, cotton candy, fancy restaurants, being called "a heroine", being alone
Powers and abilities
Weapons Newborn wand


Quote "If You have No choice, You make a choice."

"You're A Genius!" (followed by a kiss)

Brandi Floribeth Civine is one of the two main protagonists of Youngsters. She is the daughter of an old high school friend of Mickey Mouse, and the best friend of Paws Crumpster.


Brandi is a very creative yet cowardly girl. She can come up with amazing performance ideas  Many times Brandi gets very terrified during scary stories or something worst. Whenever she is with Mickey, Brandi acts very helpful and creative as usual but yet also alittle seen more writing notes, drawing with crayons, wearing round glasses, etc. Brandi is shown to long for attention and usually reacts the wrong way if people purposely don't give any to her, an example of this is The Herbs, when everyone neglected her when she tried to share her new song, she ran away to the country side, only to meet the herbs who help her realize that they still loved her. Another example of Brandi reacting the wrong way is in Phubbed & Muted, in which all her friends kept ignoring her for their cell phones, she decided to mute herself until they reject their "dumb phonies",

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Brandi is a short girl around eight or nine, she has peach skin, india green eyes, chocolate brown hair that is lemon chiffon at the bottom parts. She wears a white shirt with a mint cream vest, a sprinkles pattern skirt, white socks, and lavender slippers with blue ribbons on them.

In special occasions, Brandi wears rockn roll decade clothes, usaully a waitress dress or a r&b themed outfit.

During winter occasions, she wears


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Brandi makes creative yet really humorous inventions, recipes, toys and songs.  

Songs sung by Brandi


  • "Mommy, can you please stop the speedybumps?"
  • "But it is getting on my letter."
  • "


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Brandi is simple wth interacting with others, though sometimes they end up being insulted by her. Various times, she can be alittle too sensitive around people, ending up doing something completely wrong (like calling Max "a hound dog" in front of his classmates) but Brandi always manages to make up for it


After five years of bullying and misunderstanding, Brandi moved from Mouseton to Toontown with her family; her parents office janitor Jazz, hotel maid Mirabelle, her brother Wilby, her adopted hispanic sister Licia, her beauty pageant cousin Bessie, her dog performer cousin Effie with her dog , comedic cousins WillLaddie, and Howie, her former ventriloquist grandfather Norman and her grandmothers Gail and Laura. On her first day in toontown, Brandi started to look around her new home in fulfilling a promise for her Aunt Gloria, who was curious about their new home. After walking out of her new neighborhood, she  


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Kingdom Hearts series

In Kingdom Hearts, Brandi is an apprentice enchanter, and like in the first pilot of Youngsters, was given a newborn magicwand by King Mickey. She received a letter from King Mickey explaining that former enemies of darkness how been mysteriously revived that only she, Paws, and Max can gather the "unnoticed heros", unfortunately the letter was too confusing for the junior trio to understand, so

Disney Parks


  • Brandi is the very first character to have more than one hair color naturally
  • Brandi has a series of first-meeting characters in accidental hurt moments
  1. Hitting Paws on the head with a pipe out of anger.
  2. Getting runover by Max's skateboard
  3. Kicked by Raisa who was dancing
  4. Accidentally stepping on Pluto
  5. Collapsing on Denni
  6. Getting pushed into Scrooge
  7. Kissing Pistol, thinking she was Ferdie. 
  8. Tripping over
  • Her favorite muscial is Into the Woods
  • She is considered a human toon due to her instatant involements and creative ideas.

Similarities with other disney characters

  • Brandi shares various similarities with her hero Mickey Mouse. Both are somtimes shown as conductors, and apprentices of two masterful wizards (Yen Sid for Mickey and Mickey himself for Brandi) both have a huge interest in music, shown to be part of a short film trio (Mickey with Donald and Goofy and Brandi with Paws and Max) enemies with someone the direct oppostie of them (Mickey being rivals with Pete, whose a musclar cat and Brandi being enemies with Thuraya, whose an evil magic user) believe in faires and have seen real ones, both owners of playful dogs (Pluto for Mickey and Pluto Junior for Brandi) both are somestimes shown as musketeers, both
  • Both Brandi and Louie wear a shade of green.
  • Brandi has