Welcome To Butte!

  • [Brenner arrives.]
  • Brenner:Hey, where's cabin number two?
  • Poppy:[Sarcastically] Oh, it's just over there. Make sure you ask for one with the broken window.
  • Brenner:Thanks.
  • [Brenner leaves.]
  • Clo:Great sarcasm.
  • Poppy:Don't I know him from somewhere?
  • Timber:That's Brenner. He goes to our school. He didn't start until grade 8, though.
  • Clo:Now there's a guy who'll never get a girlfriend.
  • Poppy:Ugh, I hate him already! He's chubby!
  • Timber:I know, right! He's so awkward! He's like this first child, and his mom is doctor for proper surgery.

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