Brooke the Kaiju Is A Giant Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile From Prehistoric Times Who Was Awakened And Irradiated By A Nuclear H Bomb Testing By Al Qaeda.She Is The Main Character In The Upcoming Pixar Film The Giant Reptile From The Deep And Its Sequels That May Come Out In The Future.She Is Voiced By Jenny Slate.

Official Disney Bio

''Set A Few Years After The September 11 2001 Attacks.Al Qaeda Begins Plotting Against America And When They Tested Their New Plan To Destroy America By Testing A Nuclear H Bomb Testing They Awakened A Prehistoric Giant Reptile From A Period Of Time Unknown To Humans And Later In 2009.The Monster Begins Sinking Countless Ships.In Hawaii.The Natives Begin Offering Meat Made From Dead Animals As Their Ocean Goddess For Forgiveness Of Their Sins.Then Later In September 11 2009.The Monster Begins Laying Waste To New York.Then In December 2009.She Was Defeated.Years Later After Her Defeat.She Now Returns As A Heroine To Battle The Two Evil Monsters Dragon And Man-Eating Monster.She Will Soon Be The Queen Of The Monsters.''

-Brookes Bio On

Physical Appearance

Brooke Is Depicted As A Gigantic, Bipedal Reptilian Creature With A Green Scales,Sharp Dorsal Plates Shaped Like Fins Somewhat Like The 1998 Godzilla,Long Arms,Thick Gorgeous Legs And A Long Powerful Tail. Her Design Is A Mixture Of A Flesh-Eating Dromaeosaur And An Iguana.



The Giant Reptile From The Deep

In 2009.Al Qaeda Began Plotting Something Worst Than The September 11 2001 Attacks.They Tested Their New Plan By Testing A Nuclear H Bomb Testing That Awakens A Giant Monster Named Brooke.Following This Event.The Monster Began Sinking Countless Ships.Also She Is Being Worshipped By Hawaiian Natives As Their Ocean Goddess.She Also Takes Refuge In Hawaii.Then She Shows Off By Popping Her Head Up In The Hill.Then Later Leaves Hawaii.Then Later In Late 2009.The Monster Began Approaching Manhattan.Then This Fearful Night In September 11 2009.The Monster Goes On A Giant Rampage On New York City.Then The Next Morning Finds Much Of Manhattan In Ruins.Then Later In December 2009.She Was Defeated.Few Years After Her Defeat.Two Evil Monsters (Known As Dragon And Man-Eating Monster) Summoned By Some Ancient Occultists Began Causing Havoc In The Other Side Of America.Hopefully For America And Also Mankind.Brooke Returns As A Heroine In 2014.She Began Fighting The Two Bad Monsters.She Starts Her First Battle With The Two Evil Monsters In Washington.Then In 2015.She Begins Her Final Battle With The Two Evil Monsters In New York.She Fights Bravely Against The Two Evil Monsters.But The Two Evil Monsters Began Beating Up The Good Monster.Mostly By Wounding Her And Scarring Her.They Almost Killed Brooke.But Fortunately.Brooke Gains The Upper Hand And Fights Back Against The Two Evil Monsters.She Impales And Pierces The Fat Evil Monster In The Stomach.Killing Him Instantly.Then Beheads The Skinny Evil Monster.Killing Him For Good.Then She Roars Victoriously.Then She Falls Asleep.In The Next Morning.With Both Evil Monsters Defeated.Much Of New York Is In Ruins.DJ And His Friends Looks Sadly At Brooke Believing Her To Be Dead.Then She Finally Wakes Up And Peacefully Leaves New York And Everyone Is Free.She Peacefully Departs Home At Sea.She Is Now The Femme Fatale Of The Monsters.

The Giant Reptile From The Deep 2: A New Era

This Story Takes Place Years After The Events Of The First Film.Brooke Is Queen.She Also Makes Friends With A Giant Blue Butterfly Named Peter,A Giant Eagle Named Warren,And A Giant Lizard Named Baran.Her Human Friends Are Going On An Adventurous Vacation.She Also Battles A Giant Bat-Like Creature Called Queen Sahara.

Brooke The Kaiju Vs Queen Kong

This Story Centers On The American Female Godzilla And The British Female King Kong Facing Each Other.



Video Games



  • Brooke Is Very Similar To Godzilla:
    • They Both Have Similar Origins.
    • They Both Are Symbolic (Godzilla Is A Metaphor For The Atomic Bomb And The Horrors Of World War 2,Brooke Is A Metaphor For Islamic Terrorism And The Horrors Of 9/11 And The Events That Led To It).
    • They Both Are Tragic Monsters Treated By The World As Threats To Mans Very Existence.
    • They Both Mainly Attack Major Cities In Well-Known Countries (Godzilla Attacks Tokyo In Japan,Brooke Attacks New York In America).
    • They Both Are Very Powerful Monsters.
    • They Both Are Legendary Monsters.
    • They Both Have Similar Aliases.
    • They Both Have Similar Powers And Abilities.
    • They Both Started Off As Villains Then Later Became Heroes.
    • They Both Are Heroic Monsters Who Fight What We Soon Realize Are The Real Threats.
    • They Both Have Symbolic Names (Godzilla Is King Of The Monsters,Brooke Is Femme Fatale Of The Monsters).
  • Brooke Could Also Be Considered A More Faithful Version Of Godzilla 1998 To Toho's Godzilla In Spite Of Her Many Similarities To The Japanese Godzilla.
    • She Could Also Be Considered True "American Godzilla".
    • In The Human Realm, She Also Shares The Same Roar As The 1998 Godzilla.
  • Brooke Could Also Be Considered A Heroic Version Of The Monster From The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms.

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