The Cafeteria Is a Place in Haunted mansion 2, After The Grand Ball and Before the Attic, Some Easter Eggs are in the cafeteria, The Painting to the far left near the door to the attic is Madame leota and her husband, the one on the top right is Mickey Mouse and the top left is Constance Hatchaway sitting in Top of George Hightower's Grave (Her Husband's Grave) and when you enter the door you hear a bell ringing.. Then here's what Gus And Phineas Say... "Hurry Up Dun Dun-Phineas" "I'm Really Hungry, Maybe I can eat Kids"-Gus "But Your Smaller Then Them-Phineas" "Who Cares I Can Get bigger boots to wear-Gus" Erza Doesn't Say Anything he just keeps cutting fruits... And (removed) There is a window open where you can hear Crows and see the graveyard (Later On..)


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