Cassidy White
Cassidy White
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Luck of the Irish
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Ariel Winter
International Voice
Performance model
Designer StormieCreater
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Cassidy White
Other names Cass (Megaera)
Personality Curious, friendly, weird, childish, energetic, outgoing, sweet, caring, cute, funny, kind
Appearance Slender, pale skin, curly red hair, crystal blue eyes, freckles
Age 7
Occupation Megaera's younger sister

Surprise party planner (briefly)

Affiliations The White Family
Alignment Good
Home Little Town, Rhode Island
Relatives Bud White (Father)

Madeline White (Mother)

Megaera White (older sister)

Charm McTatoes (family leprechaun)

Love Interests Charm McTatoes
Allies Meg, Yori, Casey, Cole, Harley, Briarly, Noel (best friend)
Enemies Thor, Bridgette
Likes The color green, cookies, pumpkins, adventures, Charm, video games, four leaf clovers, impressing Charm
Dislikes Her family in danger, Bridgette (Peterson Family Leprechaun), Charm in danger, feeling alone, losing a loved one
Powers and abilities

Cassidy White is a supporting character in Luck of the Irish. She is Megaera's younger sister.


Cassidy is super friendly to those who accept her. She is sometimes curious and very adventurous. Though, she is no temper tantrum thrower, if something drastic happens, Cassidy can sometimes burst into tears.

Like Meg, Cassidy tries to find a bright side to things, even though there may not be any.


Cassidy is a short, slender 7 year old with pale skin, curly red hair, crystal blue eyes, and freckles.


Cassidy is Megaera's younger sister. During her lifetime, she lived in Ireland until she was seven, when they moved. She somehow developed a crush on her family leprechaun, Charm McTatoes, during her time in Ireland.


Main Article: Cassidy White/Relationships


  • Cassidy owns a "Moodle" game, a game similar to the 8-bit games where you take care of a pet.
  • Cassidy is afraid of losing Charm.


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