These lines are the first lines these disney characters have ever said!


Audrey Howse

"I'm sorry ma'am....they didn't me tell they would do this."

Cameron Norwood

"Helen Owens?"


"Long time, no see Rambo."



Craig Perry

"Grrrr!....Not again!


"Not really possible, Rozena, no such thing as mercy for me."

Darrie Winterson

"Seltzer, it's your sister again!"

Emmett Norwood

"So do you know anything about this Anita Bradley, Rachael?

Eska Devereaux

"Wha? Huh?"

George Jacqueline

(Narrative voiceover) "My name is George. George A. Jacqueline. I have tale of how I became best friends with the greatest people ever. It's a fun, happy and hilarious story. So, let's begin."

(Character) "Sour cream and beetroot!"

Helen Owens

(Narrative) "Yes, I'm Helen Owens."

(Character) "Chickening Out like Blue Bird, Eh?"


(Narrative voiceover) "This is a story you’ve probably heard before. There's a girl, a prince, and a little something that seemed small and worthless at first, before it turned so many lives around. Well, I was there too, but really, I was just along for the ride. Mostly, this story is about a special girl named Princess Nadezhda. But I always called her Nadya."

(Character) "HEADS UP!"

Kate Tortelli

"Nicky, I don't like this one bit."

Kayla Griffith

(Narrative voiceover) "Have you seen those strong-looking leaders in those cool fighting teams and thought being a leader is really easy? Well you're wrong. I know, I am one!

(Character) "

Kenneth Berry

"They didn't hurt you, did they?


"Huh? What? Oh... It's just you, Hailey..."

Maye Bella

"Ah! Ouch! Thank you, boys! Sure know how treat a woman."

Maye Charlotte


Neci Eason

(As herself) "Hm, Same as usual."

(As The Pauperess) "I'm afraid what you did those people is brutally barbaric, Ma'am."


"Oh, dear! I’m so sorry, ma'am!"

Nicky Norwood

"No one did, Kate."

Ophelia Obsidan

(Narrative voiceover) "Hello, I am Ophelia Joan Obsidan and I am a prosecutor. I know what you're thinking, attorneys and prosecutors are harsh, arrogant, and snobbish folks who crush people's lives, help the lives of sneaky ones, and lie to get what they want. Well let me the first one to say, you're half wrong."


Prince Pyotr

"I’m surprised she can read. That woman doesn't blow her own nose."

Reba Austin

(Narrative) "My name is RE-BA."

(Character) "So you’re the Minotaurs, the guys that trashed Luanne."

Sally Berry

(Narrative voiceover) "When I sweeped into the freezing sand, from the warmth of my coat, I had only two things in my mind: Jayne Mansfield and a warm ride back home."

(Character) "Oh great, COME ON NOW!"

"SnowSeltzer" Berry



What a lovely day. *Whistles* 

Arisa Pithel

"Now that is not sour.."

Luna Tempest

"I am the lightning from the thundercloud, the creature as mysterious as the dark side of the moon... I am... Luna Tempest!"


(Narrative voiceover) "My name is Luke. I'm a 21-year-old guy who loves to play video games and... I live in a dangerous apocalyptic world..."

(Character) "Please let this work..."


Adalyne McBride

"Oh, hi Alena! Mom wants me to give you this note"

Alena McBride

(Narrative) "Y'know, it's crazy. To think that I would go to freak camp like I did this summer. I was originally going to go to my old camp, Camp Earl, to have as much fun as I did this summer. But one wrong detour changed my course. One thing was for sure, it wasn't going to be an ordinary summer"

(Character) "I can't wait to go back to Camp Earl! I hear they just upgraded their pool system!"

Brandi Civine

(Narrative voiceover) "Dear Aunt Gloria, you know two days my life was what you call ordinary and what i call boring. That is until my mommy said something I didn't really think I would hear her say........We're Moving!"

(Character) "Mommy, can you please stop the speedy bumps?"


"Ow! Please girl, that hurts!"


"My name's Fang!


"And I'm Grizzler!"


"I'm Gums!"


"Hi! I'm Howler!

Melody McCardle

"I think I heard a kaboom."

Nisa Peynirci

"I will Grandma. And I won't forget either."

Paws Crumpster


Princess Dolliane Kittie McFist

"Darn Tootin I am"!

Rosario Cruz

"Seen it Tami, seen it. What's new?"

Tamika Omehia

"I am very sorry if this is interrupting anything Agent East, but this is very urgent. You may probably know this but just six days ago a quartlet of monstrous mutants popped out of nowhere and have been...."

Video Games


Astrid Laufeyson

"I am Astrid Laufeyson, daughter of Loki, the goddess of Mischief."