Trailer Announcer: "Chicken Little and his gang are back for another mission quest, but this time, a new student joins their class."

Mr. Woolensworth: "My fellow students, say hello to our new student, Goaty Boaty."

Goaty Boaty: "Hey, how's it going?"

Chicken Little: "Wow, he's super thrilling."

Abby: "And brave and fearless."

Trailer Announcer: "Now get ready for the most powerful mission quest in Oakey Oaks."

Lord Piston: "When I use 1 of these robots, Oakey Oaks will be destroyed for good."

Buck Cluck: "Not on my watch, Lord Piston!"

Trailer Announcer: "Disney animation pictures presents: Chicken Little 2."

Trailer Announcer: "Rated G for General Audiences, coming to movie theaters on June 14, 2019."

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