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Chuchi 1
Chuchi Hancoke
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Brotectives
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Jill Marie Jones
International Voice
Performance model Anjelah Johnson
Inspiration Toni Childs (Girlfriends), Boa Hancock, Boa Sandersonia (One Piece), Sofia Vegara
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Chuchiina Manon Hancoke
Other names Chu Chu Train, CC, Minty Heffer (Alter ego)
Personality (Neutral Chuchi): somewhat nice, friendly, self conscious (sometimes) (Minty Heffer): comedic, cruel, self conscious
Appearance Sea Green Hair, olive skin, white and lavender hoodie blouse, pink underdress, summer wedges (only as Minty Heffer), Light Sea Green Hair, light tan skin, white and navy blue hoodie, gold underdress, summer wedges, gold headband, light makeup (as Chuchi)
Occupation Stanny McGregor's ex-girlfriend, SHS Student, Marigold's Apprentice
Alignment Vacillated between Good and Evil
Goal to be rid of her split personality permanently
Home Belenbowsa Brazil (formerly), Langeles (Currently)
Relatives Unnamed Father, Unnamed Mother,
Love Interests
Pets Boa (Iguana/adoptive sister)
Allies Damian Child's, Mighty Rhett, Elsie Lameraux, Stanny McGregor, Babi Driscoll
Minions Boa
Enemies Damian Childs (as Minty Heffer), Mighty Rhett (as Minty Heffer), Elsie Lameraux (as Minty Heffer)
Likes Middle Class Boys, shopping, sailing on the weekends, Aerobics, Katanas and Swords (secretly)
Dislikes being called "Minty Heffer", High Class Boys, feeling inferior.
Powers and abilities hypnosis, persuasion (as Minty Heffer), Kunoichi Mint Blaze (as Chuchi)
Weapons Mint Kunoichi weapons
Fate TBA
Quote "I've been Chuchiina Manon Hancocke for fourteen years, you think I know the level of my shallowness!?"


Chuchiina "Chuchi" Manon Hancoke is a recurring character and supporting antagonist in The Brotectives. Chuchi makes her first appearance in the first episode of The Brotectives. She is the love interest of Damian Childs and ex-girlfriend of Stanny McGregor.


Chuchi was born and raised in Belenbowsa, Brazil. She attended Trinity Sans Prepatory Academy and later met Stanny McGregor. One fateful day, she came across The Legendary Serpent Witch, Marigold. Marigold cursed Chuchi to have a split personality codenamed, Minty Heffer. Two years later, Stanny and his family moved to America. So she moved to America as well so she can get close to Stanny.

Minty Heffer

Minty Heffer was created by Marigold to learn of Stanny's weaknesses. Minty's main objective is to learn of Stanny's strengths and weaknesses, then later use it against him. To complete her mission, she started a romantic relationship with him. But unknown to Stanny, he is not dating the real Chuchi.


  • Boa Hancock and Boa Sandersonia from One Piece are a major influence to creating Chuchi.
  • Chuchi is considered the animated counterpart of Antoinette Marie Child's from Girlfriends.
  • Chuchi was originally going to be a recurring character in KunoichiShow! but is later recasted into The Brotectives.
  • Minty Heffer alone is actually a green haired caricature of the show's creator, ChardonnayBloo.
  • Chuchi is named after the main character of the same name from The Cheetah Girls.
  • Appearently, the real Chuchi has no romantic interest in Stanny.
  • To avoid mistaking her race, Chuchi is African American with a light complexion.
  • Chuchi was originally going to be very mean without the influence of Minty Heffer, the the concept was scrapped.
  • Chuchi can only be harsh when the situation calls for it.
  • She was originally going to have three brothers and sisters, but all was replaced with her Iguana, Boa.
  • Chuchi's Mint Blaze power is similar to Boa Hancock's Love Mero Mero power.
  • According to the show's creator, what she says about Chuchi is "Chuchi Hancocke can be a lot of things, but the ONE person she can NEVER EVER a liar."

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