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Quotes and Lines spoken by Cogsworth from Disney's Beauty and the Beast.


Beauty and the Beast

  • (Also whispering) "Keep quiet!  Maybe he'll go away."
  • "Not a word, Lumiere. Not one word!"
  • "Shush shush shhhhh! (COGSWORTH puts hand over LUMIERE'S mouth, who promptly proceeds to touch his lit candle hand to COGSWORTH's hand.)Ow ow Ow OW OW OUCH!!!!!"
  • (hopping over)  "Well, now you've done it, Lumiere. Splendid, just peachy--aaarrrgghh!"
  •  "Put me down! At once!"
  • [Maurice has opened his door to peek inside] "Sir, close that at once! Do you mind?" 
  • "No, no, no, do you know what the master would do if he finds you here. (BEAST is watching the action from an overhead walkway, and rushes off as the trio enters the den.)  I demand that you stop...right...there! (COGSWORTH tumbles down the steps. MAURICE takes a seat in a large chair in front of a roaring fire.)  Oh no, not the master's chair! (FOOTSTOOL rushes past COGSWORTH, barking up a storm.) I'm not seeing this, I'm not seeing this!"
  • "All right, this has gone far enough.  I'm in charge here, and "(COGSWORTH  is run over by the (once again) anachronistic IndyCar sounding teacart of MRS. POTTS)
  • (from face down position on carpet) "No! No tea, no tea!!!"
  • (Coming out from under a rug) Master, I'd like to take this moment to say...I was against this from the start.  I tried to stop them, but would they listen to me?  No, no, no! (Again, BEAST's growl drowns out COGSWORTH.)
  • "Couldn't keep quiet, could we? Just had to invite him to stay, didn't we? [imitates Lumiere] 'Serve him tea. Sit in the master's chair. Pet the pooch!'"
  • "Irresponsible, devil-may-care, waxy eared, slack-jawed--"
  • "I know it's a girl."
  • "Wait a minute, wait a minute!"
  • "Ahem, ahem, ahem. served."
  • "Uh, good evening."
  • (buying time) "Who?  Oh!  The girl. Yes,  the, ah, girl.  Well, actually, she's in the process of, ah, um, circumstances being what they are, ah... she's not coming."
  • "Your grace! Your eminence!  Let's not be hasty!"
  • "Please. Attempt to be a gentlemen." 
  • "Ah-ah-ah, suave, genteel." 
  • [clears throat and mutters] " Ahem, ahem, we say 'please.'" 
  • "Lumiere, stand watch at the door and inform me at once if there is the slightest change."
  • "Well, I guess we better go downstairs and start cleaning up."
  • "Enchanted? Ha-ha ha-ha! Who said anything about the castle being enchanted? Ha-ha-ha... [to Lumiere] It was you, wasn't it?" 
  • "As you can see, the pseudo facade was stripped away to reveal a minimalist Rococo design. Note the unusual inverted vaulted ceilings. This is yet another example of the neo-classic Baroque period, and as I always say, if it's not Baroque, don't fix it! Ha ha ha. Now then, where was I?"
  • "As you were!" [the knights turn their heads back forward] 
  • "[suggesting things to woo Belle] Well, there's the usual things. Flowers, chocolates, promises you don't intend to keep."
  • [Clears throat] "Your lady awaits." 
  • "Well Your Highness, I must say everything is going just swimmingly. I knew you had it in you, ha ha!" 
  • [chuckles] "Yes. Splen- [realizes what the Beast just said] You what? How could you do that?!"
  • "Yes, but, but, but but why? "
  • [shakes Lumiere's hand in truce] "Well, Lumiere, old friend. Shall we let bygones be bygones?" 
  • "I beg your pardon, old friend, but I believe I told you." 
  • "You most certainly did not, you pompous, paraffin-headed peabrain!" 

Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas

  • [spoken] "Twice as smart... she does have a point."

Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magical World

  • Well, perhaps you could tell us all about it at dinner. Things have been pleasantly tranquil with him of late.
  • Well, I meant only to refer to how well you and his grace have been getting along.
  • Perhaps tranquil isn’t quite the right word…

Video Games

Disney Magical World Series

Kingdom Hearts Series

  • "Shhh! Keep quiet. It might be THEM."
  • "...D-don't touch! I-I am self-winding, sir!"
  • "The master turned her away. All because of her, ahem, meager appearance."
  • "You don't suppose he's been turned into a Heartless, do you?"
  • "What? Why? Lumiere! You-"
  • "Well, Master...ah, you see...that is...How shall I say...ah, actually...mmm..."
  • "He's right, Master. We've all seen how kind you can be. After all...Belle can see the goodness in your heart, but I'm afraid you've yet to—"
  • "The suits of armor in the west hall should let you pass, now. Please, go see Belle, and hurry!"
  • "Precisely. You see, if the master can learn to love, and earn love in return, before the last petal falls..."
  • "Oh, this is just awful! I believe the master is heading to his chamber."
  • "How could it have come to this?"
  • "If the master can love and be loved in return, the spell will be broken. We'll all be human again."
  • "Ah, but that is not all...Over time, caring for that rose has become a cherished part of the master's daily life."
  • "Just when I thought the curse might be lifted, this has to happen!"
  • "That man in black ran out into the garden. Please, prepare yourselves for anything, and above all, be careful!"
  • "The two of them do seem made for each other."

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