Craig New


Background information
Feature films Weird World

Weird World 2 Summer with the Weird

Television programs Weird World: The TV Show
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Will Smith (films)

Kevin Michael Richardson (Weird World: The TV Show, Summer with the Weird)

International Voice
Performance model
Designer User:The Golden Cubit
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Walnut brain (sometimes called by George)
Personality Stupid, dumb, mad, hungry, helpful, funny, scatterbrained
Appearance Always: One eye, spring, a few tiny dots on his body

Formerly: Blue egg, small blue arms with pincers, one blue eye, silver top hat with star on it

Currently: Faded, pear green egg, arms, eye and top hat, green outline

Affiliations Good
Goal To save Weird World from King Axecutioner
Home Rainbow City
Relatives Luke Montgomery (adoptive father)
Love Interests
Allies George Jacqueline, Stephanie, Eleanor Jacqueline, Sponghuck, Tyler, Lennox, Scooter, Josie, Bash, Cole, Brent, Zayden, Hank, Hikouki, Roger, Jaxon (formerly)
Enemies King Axecutioner, Axebot, Hank (formerly), Hikouki (formerly), Roger (formerly), Jaxon
Likes George, eating, butter
Dislikes Danger, threads, losing his friends, thunderstorms, not eating
Powers and abilities
Weapons Laser guns
Fate Goes on his long awaited quest around the galaxy. Reunites with the rest of the team 10 years later.
Quote "As long as I got the foods!"

"Ciao, Adios!" (his catchphrases)

Craig is the secondary tritagonist in the Disney film Weird World and the main protagonist in it's 2021 sequel. He is voiced by Will Smith. 


Official Bio





  • He is the first ever Disney character to be cycloptic.
  • He has astraphobia, the fear of thunderstorms.
    • This has yet to be shown however.
  • Throughout the first film, there's a running gag where many of music playing is coming from a stereo he is holding.
    • The gag returned in the episode Season 4 episode Indie Rock Concert and was used quite often again since.
  • While he'll eat anything, one food he likes in particular is butter.
    • It's the only thing that will calm him down if he's angry.
  • In the episode Ghost Hunt, Craig became a ghost.
    • In the episode Craig's Shell, he found his shell and since then, he's tried to transform back to his physical form.
      • In the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt, he became a ghost permenantly and his shell was erased from existence after he sacrificed it to The Ghost King.
        • His ghost form kind of resembled his deceased adoptive father Luke Montgomery.
  • He has an infinite digestive system, meaning he can eat as much as he wants without feeling full or sick.
  • Craig's laser guns have nine colours on them and each one has a different ability.
    • Red: No special ability. Just normal red lasers.
    • Yellow: Craig will become invulnerable if he shoots himself.
    • Blue: Unknown
    • Orange: Unknown
    • Black: Unknown
    • Purple: Unknown
    • Pink: Unknown
    • Green: Unknown
    • Cyan: Freezing things in solid ice.
  • His birthday is June 2nd.
    • This means his birthstone is a pearl, just like Stephanie.
  • The character was met with highly positive reviews for his style of humour, voice and loyalty towards his fellow team mates.

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