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Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back is an upcoming sequel to Crash Bandicoot.The film will be directed by Steve Anderson and produced by Barry Sonnenfeld. It stars the voices of Jack Black,Hayden Panettiere,Simon Pegg,Tim Curry, Keith David,Greg Eagles,Russell Brand,and Mr.T. Also providing voices are Jonah Hill and Mae Whitman


The film begins in outer space where Dr.Cortex is seen putting strands of Crash and Coco's fur into a cloning machine where two bandicoots that look like Crash with fangs and Coco with black hair.Meanwhile back on Earth,Crash is now living with his sister Coco and former enemy Crunch and their friend Aku Aku on N. Sanity Island, one of the islands owned by Cortex in the previous movie. In the jungles of the island, Crash sleeps as Coco attempts to finish a new program before her laptop dies. When the laptop does die, she orders Crash and Crunch to get her a new laptop battery. On their way home, Crash and Crunch are abducted by a half burnt slightly more demented Ripper Roo who attacks both of them but is crushed by Cortex's ship where out jumps Tiny Tiger,Dingodile,Nina Cortex,N.Gin,N.Tropy,and Cortex himself and his latest henchmen Evil Crash and Evil Coco.


Jack Black -Crash Bandicoot

Hayden Panettiere -Coco Bandicoot

Greg Eagles -Aku Aku

Tim Curry -Dr.Neo Cortex

Lacey Chabert -Nina Cortex

Keith David -Uka Uka

Rob Paulsen (in the style of Peter Lorre) - Doctor N.Gin

Simon Pegg -Dingodile

Russell Brand -Dr.Nefarious Tropy

Jonah Hill -Evil Crash

Mae Whitman -Evil Coco

Jim Cummings -Tiny Tiger and Ripper Roo

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