"Our movies are simple to understand. You know what you say. It is crystal clear."
-Lurky Lorean

Crystal Clear Studios is an animation studios currently working for Disney since the end of 2013. Crystal Clear Studios was founded in 2007 and they were known for creating cult classics such as City of Heroes and Immigrants. Their first work with Disney is the upcoming Bulletproof.

Films by Crystal Clear Studios

  • Open Seas (2007): Young Captain Blackbeard discovers a mysterious island on a yet unexplored location of the Earth. Captain Blackbeard is later discovers that the island was a trap from his own crew members to steal his gold. Flash foward 25 years later, Blackbeard creates a boat and goes to France, under the name of "Kyle". He discovers where his crew is and decided to revenge. It was recieved with mixed reviews.
  • The Other Me (2008): Well-known criminal of Los Angeles, named Johan Krislov, also known by his nickname, "Menace", decides to change his life after meeting with the young girl Marlina, who shows to him how life can be good if you are a good person. However, the police is still after him and Johan's gang as well. Johan must choose which "me" he should be. It was recieved with good reviews.
  • City of Heroes (2009): Six adolescents gets super powers and decide being the protectors of their city. However, they are quicky losing their power as the major villian appears. Them must now discover how to stop the villian before he destroys the entire city. It was recieved with good reviews.
  • The Grey City (2010): A young boy have an amazing talent of making art, but nobody cares to him due the fact that he is comes from a poor family. He decides to do a revolution, by painting the whole town. He goes into jail for this, but some of the people that liked his art decides to free him. The first live-action movie made by Crystal Clear Studios. It was recieved with mixed reviews.
  • Immigrants (2013): Based on the video game Papers, Please, the fictional country of Arstotska ends the war with their rival Kolechia and the Arstotska goverment decides to create a border to divide the countries of Arstotska and Kolechia. A lucky worker gets the job as an inspector. The inspector has to choose which one he should help, the mysterious organization EZIC, who wants to reform the country of Arstotska or the government, who gave to him an apartment and a job. It was recieved with great reviews.
  • Bulletproof (2014): First production with Disney, it tells the story of Kennedy in modern day New York, Kennedy is a boy with an incredible talent for dancing, who lives as a dancer on the streets of New York to gain money, with no home, no family, no one, he quickly falls in love with the rich girl Naomi, who doesn't shows any kind of interest on him.

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