Curse of the Monsters is a 2012 CGI-animated horror comedy film from Walt Disney Pictures.


Hugh Jackman as Skelly the Skeleton

Steve Carell as Frankenstein

Jason Segel as Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Jane Lynch as Frankenstein's Bride

John Goodman as Master Wes Carpenter

Wendie Malick as Mistress Sidney Carpenter

Seth Rogen as Nate the Wolfman

Gerard Butler as Bronymeade the Loch Ness Monster

Danny DeVito as Stan, a grumpy mummy

Dom Deluise rip as a man wih a bnm


The film is about a group of four monster friends who live in a haunted house together. Bored by the fact that they have to answer the haunted house's owner's demands, they venture to Transylvania, where they meet a host of new monster friends.

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