Deadear is fanmade video game series. SEE SCRIPT HERE!

List Of Deadear Games

Name Rated Released
Deadear T+ December 7, 2004
Deadear II: Deadly Challenged T+ August 19, 2005
Deadear III: Til' Down Under E10+ February 11, 2006
Deadear IV: Revenge Of Icarus E10+ April 3, 2008
Deadear V: Back in Time T+ May 17, 2010
Deadear VI: Our Sacrafice E10+ January 2, 2012
Deadear VII: Automatic Trial T+ November 6, 2016

See transcript here!


Neema Elba

Voiced by Miley Cyrus

Drake Savage

Voiced by Josh Peck

Malaika Elba

Voiced by Alfre Woodard


Voiced by Carrie Savage


Voiced by Tara Strong

Dr. Peridot

Voiced by Tom Kenny

Freya Mashambulizi

Voiced by Ming-Na Wen

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