Descendants 3 is a sequel to Descendants and Descendants 2 and it will be set to be aired in summer 2019.


several months later after the events of Descendants 2, Mal, Ben and Evie went back to the Isle Of The Lost to pick up one of the other Villainous Kids who will be going to Auradon Prep with them. One of the VKs are Melissa (daughter of Madame Medusa), Claudette Frollo (daughter of Claude Frollo), Claire (daughter of Clayton), Hendrick (son of Hades), Billie Sykes (daughter of Bill Sykes) and Yzlola (daughter of Yzma).


Main Characters 

Mal, daughter of Maleficent - Dove Cameron

Evie, daughter of The Evil Queen - Sofia Carson

Jay, son of Jafar - Booboo Stewart

Carlos De Vil - son of Cruella De Vil - Cameron Boyce

King Ben - son of King Beast and Queen Belle - Mitchell Hope

Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother - Brenna D' Amico

Lonnie, daughter of Fa Mulan and Li Shang - Dianne Doan

Chad Charming, son of Cinderella and Prince Charming - Jedidiah Goodacre

Doug, son of Dopey the Dwarf - Zackary Gibson

Harry Hook, son of Captain Hook - Thomas Doherty

Gil, son of Gaston - Dylan Playfair

The Fairy Godmother - Melanie Paxton

Dan Payne - the Beast

Keegan Connor Tracey - Belle

New Characters

Melissa, daughter of Madame Medusa - Peyton List

Claudette Frollo, daughter of Claude Frollo - Sabrina Carpenter

Claire, daughter of Clayton - Ryan Newman

Hendrick, son of Hades - Jace Norman

Billie Sykes, daughter of Bill Sykes - Olivia Holt

Yzlola, daughter of Yzma - Amandla Stenberg

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