Disney's House Of Mouse
Created by Hollywood
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 40
Running time 30 minutes
Original channel Disney Fanon
Original run November 20, 2010 – present
Status Hiatus


Disney's House of Mouse is the sequel television series of House of Mouse.




Season 1

# Episode Airdate Summary
1 No Dogs Allowed November 20, 2010 Pete tricks Mickey into signing a paper for A new Rule about No Dogs Allowed in The Club.
2 When Dragons Attack: Part 1 November 27, 2010 When Maleficent and Madam Mim get stuck in dragon form, Pete Puts A Spell On Them to be Evil
3 When Dragons Attack: Part 2 December 4 , 2010 When Maleficent and Madam Mim are stuck in dragon form evil, the gang must save the day.
4 Pluto Saves Christmas! December 11, 2010 When Everyone gets snowed in at The House of Mouse Pluto finds a way to save the day.
5 Just Because It's Magic! January 8, 2011 Mortimer Mouse uses all The Fairies and Warlocks magic At The End The Fairies sing a song about magic not being all fun an games.
6 Under The Sea January 15, 2011 The Characters From The Little Mermaid takes the house Under The Sea.
7 Mirror, Mirror: Part 1 January 22, 2011 The gang goes to the Magic Mirror for help after a long day to only find that he has been stolen.
8 Mirror, Mirror: Part 2 January 29, 2011 The gang searches everywhere for the mirror and later finds out that the Queen only took it out for questioning at her kingdom about who's the fairest.
9 102 Dalmations February 5, 2011 Perdita gives birth to another puppy to total up to 102 puppies. Cruella goes after them but fails.
10 Sing it Aristocats! February 12, 2011 The Aristocats sing at the club but there instruments get lost in the basement and they must find it before the show starts.
11 Emotion Potions February 19, 2011 Yzma makes Kronk find a potion that will make Kuzco banish. When he finds it Yzma accidently drinks it causing her to vanish to an unknown realm.
12 Alligators and Gumbo February 26, 2011 Princess Tiana makes gumbo, and alligators from the swamp attack the club.
13 Rescuers March 5, 2011 The Rescuers save Penny from Madame Medusa again.
14 The Sword stuck in the Stone March 12, 2011 The sword becomes stuck again when it is most needed. Arthur is not there so everyone goes around trying to take it out.
15 Incredible March 19, 2011 The Incredibles arrive when help is needed in the House of Mouse.
16 Return of Yzma March 26, 2011 Yzma returns from the unknown realm and is furious. She fires Kronk and tries to get Kuzco but fails and gives up and just stays at the club.
17 Sick! April 2, 2011 Everyone at the club gets sick and they must find a cure.
18 Vacation April 9, 2011 All the club employees except Goofy take a vacation and he is left in charge. Things get crazy.
19 Mystery: Part 1 April 16, 2011 Guest, Cartoons, etc. start disappearing and the remaining people must find out what is happening. The club is stolen and Mickey is left alone.
20 Mystery: Part 2 April 23, 2011 Mickey finally gets the club back with the help of the Blue Fairy. and finds out it was Pete. Everything goes back to normal.

Season 2

# Episode Airdate Summary
21 Raise the Roof July 2, 2011 There is a big party at the club and everyone shows up. It includes many cartoons, games, etc. The guests and staff raise the roof!
22 Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep July 9, 2011 The Three Good Fairies accidently make everyone in the club go to sleep, including themselves. Mickey and the gang must help wake them up.
23 Lies, Lies July 16, 2011 The villains from Pinocchio start making everyone in the club lieing. The Blue Fairy helps the gang stop the lieing.
24 All Tangled Up! July 23, 2011 Rapunzel comes to the club, and brings along Mother Gothel who goes after the princesses beauty but it eventually stopped.
25 Cars: Part 1 July 30, 2011 The cars gang arrives, and someone steals all there gas.
26 Cars: Part 2 August 6, 2011 After Mickey and the gang take a trip to radiator springs to get some extra gas for the gang, he helps his cars friends out.
27 Minnie's House of Princess August 13, 2011 While, Minnie and her friends enjoy all the princesses celebrated from the House of Princess. To make our dreams come true.
28 Winnie The Pooh & Friends August 20, 2011 Pooh and Pals are back! Mickey and his friends would be very kind with Pooh and pals. So, Pooh and his friends to thanks Mickey and his pals well very happy.
29 Pinocchio The Star August 27, 2011
30 Mickey, Donald, & Goofy the Heroes Three Musketeers September 3, 2011
31 The Happeiest Place on Earth September 10, 2011
32 Ariel's Dream a Human World September 17, 2011
33 Patty, Pinocchio, & Jiminy Cricket Together Again September 24, 2011
34 It's Singing Time! October 1, 2011
35 Minnie's Ballet Dancer October 8, 2011
36 When Chip 'N' Dale Mets Clarice October 15, 2011
37 Haunted Party: Part 1 October 22, 2011 When the gang from the Haunted mansion and other creepy spooks arrives the gang becomes spooked.
38 Haunted Party: Part 2 October 29, 2011 The gang eventually is not spooked and have a fun time with the Halloween party.
39 Donald and Daisy Big Vacation November 5, 2011
40 Mickey & Friends Our Thanksgiving Day November 12, 2011