Disney's Summer Time Comedy film starring By Arley Swaby and Coralyn Powell.

Disney's Summer Time
Film information

Directed by

Ron Celments (co-director) Robin Williams (director)

Produced by

Arley Swaby (Producer)

Executive Produced by

Nathan Greno (executive producer) Ashley Swaby (Producer)


Arley Swaby Coralyn Powell

Music by

Micheal Jackson


Colombia Pictures


Walt Disney Studios

Distributed by

20th Century Fox

Release Date(s)


Followed by

Disney's Summer Time 2


  • Coralyn Powell As, Professor Jesika Belford (Jennifer's younger sister.)
  • Luke Pennyworth As, Jake Sanders (Dave's Older Brother)
  • Derlis Swaby As, Eric Sanders (villain).,, Dave's stepfather.
  • Andy High As, Richard Sanders Jr. .,, Dave's father.
  • Carla Bodden As, Jean Sanders.,, Richard's mother.
  • Erbin Swaby As, Richard Sanders , Sr. (Dave's Grandfather.)

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