Disney Adventure: The Ride is an upcoming 3D interactive motion simulator/dark ride based on some of Disney's most popular franchises, including The Emperor's New Groove, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, and Hercules.


In the queue, clips from different different Disney movies and TV shows play.


In the Pre-show, guests learn that Ludwig Von Drake has invented a new mode of transportation, known as the DrakeMobile, and that it can travel to different universes. Guests grab "Safety Goggles" (3D glasses) and board the ride.


After leaving the sation, Ludwig reveals he's preparing guests for their first destinastion.

Guests are then sprayed with water, as they dive under the sea, and pass Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. The Duckmobile then enters Agrabah, where guests follow Abu, who has stolen some jewelry, and we end up meeting with Genie, Aladdin, and Jasmine.

Next we end up in Peru, and find ourselves in Kuzco's palace. Kuzco mistakes us for spies, he thinks were sent by Yzma, and the guards chase us into the secret lab, where Yzma can be seen devising her latest evil scheme, as Kronk watches. We then crash out into the village, and crash through Pacha's hut.

After that we crash through Malina's hut, and climb to the top of Kuzco Academy, where we fall, landing on a giant trampoline, sending us flying to Mt.Olympus.

We reach Mt.Olympus, where Zeus, and the other gods greet us. But soon darkness covers the mt, as Hades appears, sending Pain and Panic to attack, desguised as Dragons. Hercules comes to our rescue, and we return to our world as the ride ends.


The Ride will feature Interactive animation, which will allow characters to interact with guests, based on what the guests do. For example, if a guest waves at a character, the character can wave back in response.

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