It is the Sequel to the Video-Game "Disney Princess-My Fairytale Adventure"


After you have broken the spell in World of Ariel, Belle, Cinderella, Tiana and Rapunzel another Spell was Cast on the World of Merida, Anna and Elsa, Gingereena, Moria and Boo. Customize your character and get rid of Sprites who put this spell on plan with your Magic Wand.


  • Merida World-When your enter in Merida World you get a beautiful gown Scottish.
  • Anna and Elsa World-When your enter in Anna and Elsa World  you get a beautiful gown of snow.
  • Gingereena World-When your enter in Gingereena World you become a Ballerina Doll
  • Moria World-When your enter in Moria World you get a Gift given by Moria
  • Boo World-When your enter in Boo World you wear a monsters suit

Game for 



Windows PC

Play Station 1,2,3



Key Features

  • Earn Gems while your play and exchange them for Special items.
  • Play a Variety of fun-filled mini-games expanding your enchanted fun.
  • Become the Fairy Grandmother 's apprentice and explore each world along whit memorable locations.
  • Use your Magic Wand to help break the spell that's been cast over the kingdoms .
  • Meet and interact with Disney Characters who will help you throughout the game.
  • Customize your room in the Fairy Godmother's Castle and personalize your character with gorgeous outfits, stylish accessories and more.
  • Explore the World of Princess                                                                                                                                  

Other Information

Developed by:High Impact Games

Published by:Disney Interactive

Genre(s):PC Video Game

Released:October 28,2017

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