Disney Racers is a racing game developed by Avalanche Software and published by Disney Interactive Studios. Despite sharing the same name, the game has nothing to do with the Disney Parks merchandise of the same name.


The Shadow Blot has taken over several of the Disney universes and it's up to several heroes and villains to race for their lives and save their respective universes.



Name Series Vehicle Alternate Costume(s)
Mickey Mouse Mickey & Friends His Jalopy, Horace Horsecollar (3DS exclusive DLC)

Julius (Feral Mickey), 1920's Mickey Mouse

Rosetta Disney Fairies Crocky (Baby Tick-Tock Croc)

Pirate Rosetta

Adult Crocky, Animatronic Crocky

Anna Frozen Sven Ice Anna, Coronation Day Anna, Frozen Fever Dress
Elsa Frozen Snowgie Pulled Ice Sleigh Queen Elsa, Frozen Fever Dress, Oaken Cloak
Kristoff Frozen Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer Sleigh Summer Outfit
The 7D The 7D Mine Cart The Seven Dwarfs
Kermit the Frog The Muppets Le Maximum Constantine the Frog, Tuxedo Kermit
Mii (3DS and Wii U exclusive) Nintendo Custom Kart Varied


Name Series Vehicle Alternate Costume(s)
Captain Jack Sparrow Pirates of the Carribean The Black Pearl Aztec Curse Jack, Flying Dutchman Jack
Stitch Lilo & Stitch The Red Police Cruiser Angel, Battle Suit Stitch
Rapunzel Tangled Maximus Braided Rapunzel, Short Brown Haired Rapunzel
Vanellope Von Schweetz Wreck-It Ralph The Candy Kart Princess Vanellope
Dipper and Mabel Pines Gravity Falls The Mystery Cart

Peanut Butter Dipper, Bill Cipher Dipper

Jelly Mabel, Sock Puppet Mabel

Cinderella Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Scullery Maid 
Timon The Lion King Pumbaa

Hula Timon

Vacation Pumbaa

The Headless Horseman The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad His Horse Pumpkin Head
J. Thaddeus Toad The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad Weasels' Motorcar, Cyril Proudbottom

Judge's Wig Mr. Toad, Woman Disguise

Courtroom Suit Cyril, Toad's Grandma Disguise

Winnie the Pooh Winnie the Pooh Bumble Bee Kart "Everything is Honey" swimsuit
Kuzco The Emperor's New Groove Yzma's Coaster Vehicle Llama, Kuzco Academy Uniform
Tinker Bell Peter Pan/Disney Fairies Tinker Kart Water Fairy
Lightning McQueen Cars Himself Dinoco paintjob, Radiator Springs paintjob
Maleficent Maleficent Dragon Diaval

Classic Maleficent

Dragon Maleficent

Hercules Hercules Pegasus Young Hercules, God Hercules
Aladdin Aladdin Magic Carpet, Elephant Abu Prince Ali
Randy Cunningham Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Ninja Cycle Ninja
Howard Weinerman Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Monkey Bike n/a
Gingereena Puckett Gingereena (film) G-Racer Ballet Dress
Ezekial "Zeke" Halloway The Haunted Mansion Doom Buggy Ghost
Jack Skellington The Nightmare Before Christmas Coffin Sleigh Pumpkin King, Sandy Claws, Pirate Jack
Milo Thatch Atlantis: The Lost Empire Ketak Atlantean King
Jim Hawkins Treasure Planet Solar Surfer Academy Uniform
Chicken Little Chicken Little Spaceship Panel, The Battle Barn Baseball Uniform, Commander Ace Little
Ariel The Little Mermaid Clam-Mobile Human form

DLC Characters

Character Franchise Vehicle Alternate Costume(s)
Hiro Hamada Big Hero 6 Baymax

Street Clothes, Hiro Takachiho (Comic Hiro)

Regular Baymax, Carbon Fiber Underpants, Comic Baymax

GoGo Tomago Big Hero 6 Electro-Mag Suspension Bike Street Clothes, Leiko Tanaka (Comic GoGo)
Honey Lemon Big Hero 6 Chemical Car Street Clothes, Aiko Miyazaki (Comic Honey Lemon)
Wasabi Big Hero 6 His Van Super Suit Wasabi, Wasabi-No Ginger (Comic Wasabi)
Fred Big Hero 6 Kaiju Kart Street Clothes, SFIT Mascot, Comic Fred
The Beagle Boys Mickey & Friends/DuckTales Beagle-Mobile Muskateer Villains
Woody Toy Story Bullseye

Puppet Woody

Puppet Bullseye

Peter Parker/Spider-Man Ultimate Spider-Man Spiderbike Black Suit Spider-Man, Spider-Gwen
Deadpool Ultimate Spider-Man Stolen Jet from Tony Stark Sombrero Deadpool
Dollianne McFist Randy Cunningham:9th Grade Ninja Tengu Clone Ninjette
Babi Driscoll Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja Bomb Bike Normal Babi
Chrona (IOS exclusive) Disney Hidden Worlds Airship N/A
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Epic Mickey Tomorrow City Tanker Beetleworx

Gremlin Oswald

Fawn Disney Fairies Gruff the NeverBeast Pirate Fawn
Sofia Sofia the First Minimus Sofia the Worst, Flying Derby Sofia, Sorcerer Sofia
Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, and Disgust Inside Out The Train of Thought Mr. Andersen's Emotions, Mrs.Andersen's Emotions
Luke Skywalker  Star Wars Landspeeder X-Wing Pilot
Han Solo & Chewbacca Star Wars Millenium Falcon Hoth Gear
C-3PO & R2-D2 Star Wars Starspeeder 1000

Red Arm C-3PO

Battle Damaged R2-D2

Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem The Muppets Electric Mayhem Bus

"Jungle Boogie" Outfits,

Up Late with Miss Piggy Outfits

Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde Zootopia ZPD Police Car

Street Clothes Judy, Meter Maid Judy

ZPD Officer Nick

Mowgli The Jungle Book (2016) Baloo

Classic Mowgli

Classic Baloo

Non-Playable Characters

Name Franchise Role in Game Vehicle
Daisy Duck Mickey & Friends Commentator N/A
Launchpad McQuack DuckTales Co-Commentator Blimp
Soos Gravity Falls Guest Commentator N/A
The Genie Aladdin Guest Commentator N/A
Phil Hercules Guest Commentator N/A
Sebastian The Little Mermaid Guest Commentator N/A
Lilo Pelekai Lilo & Stitch Guest Commentator, Photographer (3DS and Wii U only) N/A
Figment Disney Parks Announcer N/A
Pete Mickey & Friends Upgrades Karts N/A
Magica DeSpell DuckTales/Mickey & Friends Runs Power Up Shop, Boss Racer (DuckTales DLC) Broomstick
Prince Hans Frozen Boss Racer Sitron
The Glooms (Playable via cheat code) The 7D Boss Racers Enchanted Carriage
The Mad Doctor Mickey & Friends/Epic Mickey Boss Racer Beetleworx
Peg-Leg Pete (3DS and Wii U exclusive) 1920's Mickey Mouse Shorts/Get a Horse! Boss Racer His car
Yokai  Big Hero 6 Boss Racer (Big Hero 6 DLC Pack) Microbots
Young Captain Hook and his Pirate Crew Peter Pan/The Pirate Fairy Boss Racers Pirate Ship
Bing Bong (Playable via cheat code) Inside Out Boss Racer (Inside Out DLC Pack) Rocket Wagon
Mr. Big and Koslov Zootopia Boss Racers (Zootopia DLC Pack) Limo
Kaa The Jungle Book (2016) Boss Racer (The Jungle Book DLC Pack)

Herself (when playing as Mowgli)

Himself (when playing as Classic Mowgli)

The Shadow Blot Epic Mickey Boss None


Mickey & Friends

  • Disneytown
  • The Wasteland

Disney Fairies

  • Pixie Hollow
  • The Frigate that Flies


  • Arendelle
  • Valley of Rock Trolls

The 7D/Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

  • The Mine
  • Jollywood
  • The Gloom's Grotto
  • The Evil Queen's Castle
  • The Spooky Forest

The Muppets

  • The Muppet Theater
  • Gulag 38B

Pirates of the Caribbean

  • Port Royal
  • Isla de Muerta

Lilo & Stitch

  • Gantu's Ship
  • Hawaii


  • The Tower
  • Corona Kingdom

Wreck-It Ralph

  • Sugar Rush

Gravity Falls

  • Gravity Falls Forest
  • The Mystery Shack


  • Castle of Dreams
  • Cinderella's Village

The Lion King

  • The Pridelands
  • The Jungle

The Adventures of Ichabod & Mr. Toad

  • Sleepy Hollow
  • Toad Hall

Winnie the Pooh

  • 100 Acre Wood

The Emperor's New Groove

  • Pacha's Village
  • Kuzco's Palace


  • Radiator Springs
  • Tokyo

Maleficent/Sleeping Beauty

  • The Moors
  • Forbidden Mountain Castle


  • Mount Olympus
  • Thebes


  • Cave of Wonders
  • Agrabah Palace


  • Tarroy Arts Academy

The Haunted Mansion

  • Gracey Manor
  • Graveyard

The Nightmare Before Christmas

  • Halloween Town
  • Christmas Town

Atlantis: The Lost Empire

  • The Ulysses
  • Volcano

Treasure Planet

  • Treasure Planet
  • Montressor

Chicken Little

  • Oakey Oaks
  • Kirby's Ship

The Little Mermaid

  • Atlantica
  • Eric's Palace

DLC Tracks

Big Hero 6

  • San Fransokyo 
  • Lucky Cat Cafe 
  • Akuma Island


  • Duckburg 
  • The Money Bin
  • Magica's Mountain

Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja

  • Ninchantiss 

Get a Horse!/1920's Mickey Mouse Cartoons

  • Cinema of Color (3DS and Wii U exclusive)

Marvel Superheroes

  • S.H.I.E.L.D. Base
  • New York City

Sofia the First

  • Enchancia

Inside Out

  • Long Term Memory 
  • Imagination Land
  • Dream Studios

Star Wars

  • Tatooine
  • Hoth
  • Endor
  • Jakku


  • Zootopia
  • Hopps' Family Farm
  • Tundra Town
  • Rainforest District

The Jungle Book

  • Indian Jungle
  • King Louie's Palace
  • Rainforest

Songs Used

  • Mickey Mouse Club Theme (Rock Remix)
  • It's a Small World (Epic Mickey Mix)
  • Who I Am (Instrumental)
  • The Frigate That Flies (Instrumental)
  • For The First Time in Forever (Rock Remix)
  • Fixer Upper (Instrumental)
  • Heigh Ho: Here We Go Now (Instrumental)
  • The Queen is Gone For Good (Instrumental)
  • The Muppet Show Theme (Instrumental)
  • The Big House (Instrumental)
  • He's a Pirate (Rock Remix)
  • Yo Ho (A Pirate's Life for Me)
  • Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride (Instrumental)
  • Aloha, E komo Mai (Instrumental)
  • Kingdom Celebration (Instrumental)
  • Something That I Want (Instrumental)
  • Sugar Rush - AKB48
  • Gravity Falls Theme (Instrumental)
  • Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Rock Remix)
  • I Just Can't Wait to Be King (Rock Remix)
  • Hakuna Matata (Instrumental)
  • The Headless Horseman (Instrumental)
  • Merrily on Our Way (To Nowhere in Particular) (Instrumental)
  • Heffalumps and Woozles (Rock Remix)
  • Perfect World (Instrumental)
  • Life is a Highway - Rascal Flatts
  • Real Gone - Sheryl Crow
  • Arabian Nights (Rock Remix)
  • Grim Grinning Ghosts (Rock Remix)
  • This is Halloween (Instrumental)
  • Christmas Eve Montage (Instrumental)
  • One Little Slip - Barenaked Ladies
  • Under the Sea - Kieth Ferguson
  • Immortals - Fall Out Boy
  • DuckTales Theme (Instrumental)
  • The Money Bin (Instrumental)
  • Mount Vesuvius (Instrumental)
  • Minnie's Yoo Hoo - Chris Diamantopoulos
  • Bundle of Joy (Rock Remix)
  • Dream Studios (Instrumental)
  • Star Wars Theme/Cantina Band - Meco
  • TIE Fighter Attack - John Williams
  • Victory Celebration - John Williams
  • Rey's Theme - John Williams
  • Try Everything - Shakira
  • Overture/Jungle Run - John Debney
  • I Wan'na Be Like You (2016) - Jeff Bennett
  • I Wan'na Be Like You (Classic) - Jim Cummings
  • The Bare Necessities - Frank Welker and Neel Sethi
  • The Bare Necessities (Classic) - Joel McCrary and Max Charles
  • Trust in Me (2016) - Kari Wahlgren
  • Trust in Me (Classic) - Jim Cummings

Voice Cast

  • John O'Hurley as The Shadow Blot (speaking)
  • Terry McGovern as Launchpad McQuack
  • Tress MacNeille as Daisy Duck, Mrs. Andersen's Anger
  • Dave Goelz as Figment, Gonzo, Waldorf, Chickens, Zoot
  • Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse
  • Jim Cummings as Julius (Feral Mickey), Pete, Oppenheimer, Port, Winnie the Pooh, Peg-Leg Pete, Classic Kaa, Classic King Louie
  • Chris Diamantopoulos as 1920's Mickey Mouse
  • Raymond S. Persi as Peg-Leg Pete's Car Horn, Flash
  • Megan Hilty as Rosetta
  • Mae Whitman as Tinker Bell, Leiko Tanaka (Comic GoGo)
  • Kristen Bell as Anna, Chrona
  • David Ogden Stiers as Classic Doc
  • Corey Burton as Classic Grumpy, Ghost Host
  • Maurice LaMarche as Grumpy, Muskateer Villain Beagle Twin 2, Wasabi-No Ginger, Anger, Cyril Proudbottom, Mr. Big
  • Stephen Stanton as Classic Happy, Sleepy
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Happy, Yang, Headless Horseman, Gantu, Comic Baymax, Finnick
  • Dee Bradley Baker as Dopey, Crocky, Waddles, Zeke Halloway, Chewbacca, Snowgies, Nick Wilde (feral)
  • Jeff Bennett as Classic Bashful, Muskateer Villan Beagle Twin 1, Shorty Beagle, J. Thaddeus Toad, Master William Gracey, Dr. Jacques von Hämsterviel, King Louie
  • Billy West as Bashful
  • Bob Joles as Classic Sneezy
  • Scott Menville as Sneezy, Jim Hawkins
  • Bill Farmer as Classic Sleepy, Doc
  • Steve Whitmire as Kermit the Frog, Statler, Chickens, Lips
  • Eric Jacobson as Animal
  • Matt Vogel as Constantine, Camilla, Floyd Pepper
  • Bill Barretta as Dr. Teeth
  • David Rudman as Janice
  • Jared Butler as Captain Jack Sparrow
  • Chris Sanders as Stitch
  • Tara Strong as Angel, Aiko Miyazaki (Comic Honey Lemon), Disgust, Fru Fru, Spider-Gwen
  • Mandy Moore as Rapunzel
  • Sarah Silverman as Vanellope Von Schweetz
  • Jason Ritter as Dipper Pines
  • Kristen Schaal as Mabel Pines
  • Alex Hirsch as Bill Cipher Dipper, Soos
  • Jennifer Hale as Cinderella
  • Richard Kind as Bing Bong
  • Quinton Flynn as Timon
  • Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa
  • J.P. Manoux as Kuzco, Duke Weaselton
  • Troy Baker as Young Captain Hook
  • A.J. Locascio as Milo Thatch
  • Chris Sarandon as Jack Skellington
  • Zach Braff as Chicken Little
  • Adam West as Commander Ace Little
  • Jodi Benson as Ariel
  • Kieth Ferguson as Lightning McQueen, Han Solo, Sebastian
  • Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker
  • Anthony Daniels as C3-PO
  • Ben Burtt as R2-D2
  • Nolan North as Newscaster, Deadpool
  • Ryan Potter as Hiro Hamada, Hiro Takachiho
  • Scott Adsit as Baymax
  • Jamie Chung as GoGo Tomago
  • Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon
  • T.J. Miller as Fred
  • Damon Wayans, Jr. as Wasabi
  • Jim Hanks as Woody
  • Idina Menzel as Elsa
  • Kari Wahlgren as Maleficent, Kaa
  • Kate Higgins as Joy
  • Jonathan Groff as Kristoff
  • Susan Blakeslee as Classic Maleficent
  • Santino Fontana as Hans
  • Ginnifer Goodwin as Fawn, Judy Hopps
  • Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde
  • Frank Welker as The Shadow Blot (vocal effects) Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Abu, Horace Horsecollar, Baggy Beagle, Big Time Beagle, Poe DeSpell, Pegasus, Baloo
  • Neel Sethi as Mowgli
  • Max Charles as Classic Mowgli, Flounder
  • Joel McCrary as Classic Baloo
  • Chuck McCann as Burger Beagle, Bouncer Beagle
  • Scott Weinger as Aladdin
  • Tate Donovan as Hercules
  • Josh Keaton as Young Hercules, Spider-Man
  • Jim Meskimen as Genie, The Mad Doctor, Mr. Andersen's Disgust
  • Robert Costanzo as Phil
  • Ben Shwartz as Randy Cunningham
  • Brittney Anne Pirtle as Gingereena
  • Fergie as Dollianne McFist
  • Persia White as Babi Driscoll
  • Grey Griffin as Magica DeSpell, Narrator (Pooh's intro)
  • June Foray as Magica DeSpell (archival recordings)
  • Melissa Fahn as Lilo
  • Kelly Osbourne as Hildy Gloom
  • Jess Harnell as Grim Gloom, Mr. Andersen's Joy
  • Ariel Winter as Sofia
  • Eric Stonestreet as Minimus
  • Bill Hader as Fear
  • Phyllis Smith as Sadness
  • Lori Alan as Mrs. Andersen's Sadness
  • Pete Docter as Mr. Andersen's Anger
  • Carlos Alazraqui as Mr. Andersen's Fear
  • Sherry Lynn as Mrs. Andersen's Joy, Mrs. Andersen's Disgust
  • Laraine Newman as Mrs. Andersen's Fear
  • Josh Cooley as Mr. Andersen's Sadness


  • This is the second time after Mickey's Racing Adventure where Magica DeSpell is depicted as a protagonist
  • This game's version of The Shadow Blot appears to be a combination of the Mickey Mouse Works version of The Phantom Blot and The Shadow Blot from Epic Mickey

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