Disney Villains Revenge II is a fan game by Pattyp999 and is the sequel to Disney Villains Revenge.


  • Madame Mim
  • Scar
  • Jack in-the box from Fantasia 2000
  • Ursula
  • Marrisa Witchley
  • The Misery Triplets
  • Genndy Bexter

Endings Changed

  • Mim is younger and prettier and destroys Merlin in the wizard's duel and keeps both Wart and Archemides in a cage.
  • Scar takes over the Pridelands and destroys Simba and imprisons Nala,Timon,Pumbaa,Zazu and Rafiki.
  • The Jack in-the box keeps the Steadfast Tin Soldier in glass while he keeps the porcelin ballerina tied up.
  • Ursula turns Triton, Ariel, Ariel's Sisters and Eric into polyps,has Flounder and Sebastian locked in a shark cage with the shark and changes Triton's castle into a bigger version of her Sea Dragon lair.


  • Young Mim resembles Beautiful Grunty from Banjo-Kazooie.
  • The battle music against the Jack in-the box is Piano Concerto no. 2 which played in the Fantasia 2000 segmet he appeared in.
  • Yen Sid is now the gaurdian of the book.


  • Corey Burton - Yen Sid, Flotsam & Jetsam
  • Grey DeLise - Young Madame Mim,Aquata,Adrina
  • June Foray - Madame Mim
  • Jim Cummings - Jack-in the box,King Triton,Ed
  • Jodi Benson - Ariel,Arista,Attina
  • Tom Kane - Scar
  • Nathan Lane - Timon
  • Ernie Sabella - Pumbaa
  • Tress MacNeille - Shenzi
  • Vanessa Marshall - Nala
  • Rob Paulsen - Prince Eric,Banzai
  • Michael Gough - Zazu
  • Robert Guillaume - Rafiki
  • Pat Carroll - Ursula
  • Matthew Broderick - Steadfast Tin Soldier,Simba
  • Kristin Chenowith - Adella,Alana,Ballerina
  • Samuel E. Wright - Sebastian
  • Kwesi Boyarke - Flounder
  • Zach Gordon - Wart
  • Jeff Glenn Bennett-Merlin
  • Tom Kenny-Achemides


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