The Magic Kingdom: Disneyland's Characters - One day the Magic Kingdom, Kyla was going to explorer and meet all the Disney Characters. When, Kyla met a very special guests Karen, and she a good worker from Disneyland Park all about it.

Mickey Mouse and Friends: Characters

Snow White and the Seven Dawrfs: Characters

Pinocchio: Characters

Song of the South: Characters

Cinderella: Characters

Alice in Wonderland: Characters

Peter Pan: Characters

Sleeping Beauty: Characters

The Jungle Book: Characters

Winnie the Pooh: Characters

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: Characters

The Little Mermaid: Characters

Beauty and the Beast: Characters

Aladdin: Characters

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Characters

The Princess and the Frog: Characters

Pirates of the Caribbean: Characters

The Haunted Mansion: Characters