Dogo is a Boxer dog who plans to kidnap civilians with a night howler rifle. Dogo or Bulldog is a leader of a group of mercenaries and terrorist named Blackbox.His is a hired merc who attacks people of Zootopia and one of nick's enemy for terrorism.Dogo is in the 10 most wanted zootopia criminals of all time and  once a terrorist working with a organzation known as ZRPA.Dogo's weapons aren't only deadly to Nick.Its also a threat towards the Civilians of Zootopia.His evil plan is to destroy Zootopia and turn it into a anti predator area.Dogo isn't only the leader of this terrorist but a rebel working for Quan last time until Dogo was hired by a group of dog supremacist ZRPA.A group of bandits that planned a conspiracy towards Zootopia.Ever since he was hired,he started controlling Blackbox to commit higher crimes to make Zootopia fear him.His plan worked but later arrest in a Zootopia prison for deadly and villainous criminals.


laser gun

Project 15(The most dangerous thing ever made in zootopia)



"Arg! Nick is so popular,but I wont allow this"

"Come to me for revenge on me on what I did to you"

"Nick Wilde!"

"Didn't I ruin your childhood,Woodchuck Bully" (During childhood)

"Hello citizens of Zootopia.Have you heard about the ZRPA or Bellwether.If you think that Zootopia prey and predators leave together.It's not.we are going to separate and destroy zootopia once it for all.We are rebels,we are strong and we are going to take over Zootopia and once we do that.The entire civilians will know how we are and we are going to make zootopia a crushed city.Jack savage,stop me and i kill you."(when ZNN is taken by Dogo)

"Next Time you hit me,I will muzzle and hit you till you cry,Woodchuck (During the fight in their childhood).

"Cry Baby,Woodchuck"(Childhood Fight)

Type of Terrorist 

Rebel and a Mercenary.

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