Dr Facilier
Background information
Feature films The Princess and the Frog

The Shadowman

Television programs
Video games The Princess and the Frog

Disney Villains Challenge

Books The Shadowman (novel adaption)
Park attractions Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

World of Color

Mickey's Boo-to-You Halloween Parade

Disney Dreams

Midship Detective Agency


Villains Tonight!

Tiana's Showboat Jubilee

Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular

Club Villain

Portrayed by David Oyelowo
Portrayed by
Animators Bruce W. Smith

James Lopez

Frans Vischer

Dean Wellins

Andreas Deja

Voice Keith David
International Voice
Performance model
Designer John Musker
Inspiration Baron Samedi

Cab Calloway

Michael Jackson

Captain Hook

Cruella De Vil

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Honors and awards Academy Award for Best Actor

Golden Globe Award for Best Actor

BAFTA Award for Best Actor

Character information
Full name Jean Michele Boaudier
Other names Dr Facilier

The Shadowman

Doc (by Hades)

Personality Shady, seductive, vengeful, greedy, smooth-talking, mysterious, charismatic, persuasive, patient, intelligent, crafty, villainous, manipulative, megalomaniacal, tricky, murderous, kind (formerly), loyal (formerly), caring (formerly), over-confident (formerly).
Appearance Tall, very slender, dark skin, black hair, thinly mustachioed, gap in his front teeth, purple eyes, handsome (formerly)
Age 51 (by 1926)
Occupation Voodoo bokor

Tarot reader

Alignment Good (formerly)


Affiliations His shadow, his "Friends on the Other Side" (formerly)
Goal To marry Stella La Morte (formerly)

To become the wealthiest and most powerful man in New Orleans

Home New Orleans
Relatives Mama Odie (mother)

The Shadow King (father)

Brother Sam (brother)

Love Interests Stella La Morte (formerly)
Allies Stella La Morte (formerly) Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff (formerly)
Minions Lawrence, Shadow Demons, his own shadow.
Enemies Brother Sam, Tiana, Naveen, Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff, Ray
Likes Power, riches and wealth, dark voodoo, dancing, wine, manipulation, his brother Sam (formerly), Stella Morte (formerly)
Dislikes Owing promises to his "friends", failure, disrespect, those wealthier than he, poverty, Eli "Big Daddy" La Bouff
Powers and abilities Cardmency

Control over darkness and shadows Shadow magic Dark spell-casting Voodoo magic Darkness Creation & Control Transformational magic and spells

Weapons His Talisman
Fate Dragged into the voodoo spirits' world for all eternity as punishment for his failure in repaying his debt to them.
Quote "A tip of the hat from Dr. Facilier!"

"I'm a royal myself on my mother's side." "Transformation central! Reformation central! Transmogrification central! Can you feel it?!" "As soon as I dispose of Big Daddy La Bouff, and I'm runnin' this town... I'll have the entire city of New Orleans, in the palm of my hand."