DuckTales : Rebooted is a Remake/Reboot of the DuckTales series. It features 50 remakes of classic episodes, and 60 new ones.


Item Original Reboot
Quality 144p & 360p 420p & 1080pᴴᴰ
Releases VHS, DVD DVD, Blu-Ray
Original Episodes 100 60

Theme Song

The theme song of DuckTales : Rebooted has a few notable differences from the original.

Life is like a hurracane, here in Duck Burg. Racecars, Blasters, Helicopters, It's a Duck Blur!

'Might solve a mystery...

Or even rewrite history!

DuckTales! Woo Ooh!

Every day, they're out there making

Duck'Tales! Woo Ooh!

Tales of Derring do bad and good

Luck'Tales! Woo Ooh!


Lurks behind you.

There is a monster 'Out to find you!

What to do? Well just grab on to some

Duck'Tales! Woo Ooh!

Everyday they're out there making

Duck'Tales! Woo Ooh!

Not Rocky Tales, or Cotton Tails, no.

DuckTales! Woo Ohh!

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