Elda (real name DEAR 0.1) is the deuteragonist of the manga series, My Dear. She is an android made from the Intelligent Robotics Lab in Tokyo. She has an expressionless face that makes the other characters wonder if she will ever smile. Her emotions develop slowly, due to her programmed setting of high abilities and high processing abilities but low emotional abilities. Despite this, she develops genuine feelings of love for Junpei Fujimoto.


Elda has the appearance of a beautiful young girl with long white hair and blue eyes. She has a slender body along with smooth skin and a pale skin complexion.

Profile In Manga

  • Hair: White
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Species: Android
  • Age: 17
  • Emotional Control: Low
  • Processing Capability: High


= Junpei Fujimoto

Junpei found Elda outside by the walls when he came home from prep school one night. After turning her on, he realized how little she really knew, so he decided to take it upon himself to teach her. Over time he started to develop genuine feelings for her, even falling in love. He has the same feelings for her. In the final chapter, they eventually confess each others feelings.

Professor Yamada

Since his wife was unable to bear a child, he created for her an android, who was later named Elda. Because Elda started to feel unhappy, Yamada creates her a sister, whom he named Marie [DEAR 0.2].


When Elda became the daughter of the professor in 2015. She got along well with them, as she learned something new everyday, and loved every moment she shared with her family. Because Elda started to feel unhappy, Yamada creates her a sister, whom he named Marie [DEAR 0.2]. But Marie and Elda are very close. In the end, she admits that she loves her sister and realizing her sister no longer needed her, leaves happily.

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