Elmer Mouse Town

Elmer Mouse

Quotes and lines by Elmer Mouse.

Hero's Son and Rival's Nephew

  • "Okay. I’ll see you this afternoon."
  • "I just got kissed by a girl on the lips."
  • "My bald eagle!"
  • "All right, who's out there?!"
  • "Walter Cunningham!"
  • "Ugh! I hate it when he gets the drop on me!"
  • "Oh! Toe, toe, toe! Ow!"
  • "Oh! Toe, toe, toe! Ow!"
  • "Are you crazy!? That’s the women’s locker room! Get out of there!"
  • "Whoops! Sorry, little girl. Didn’t see a thing."
  • "We need to talk, Walter Cunningham! There’s no point in arguing when Maia’s done with you! She means it!"
  • "Maia never liked you and she doesn’t at all! She loves me!"
  • "You really are trying to steal her in front of me, are you!?"
  • "He’s very wrong! He wants to steal her from me!"
  • "I can’t..."
  • "No. I didn’t think you would know. Walter Cunningham wants to steal Maia Pfeffer from me."
  • "He thinks she is his girlfriend, but she isn’t. She broke up with him two years ago. He tried to break us up, but he only succeeded in smashing this."
  • "This is entirely his fault. I don’t know why he wants her back and me away from her. I hate him!"
  • "He does?"
  • "Elmer, ma'am. Just Elmer."
  • "Bye, Minnie."
  • I was thinking the same thing. You look very familiar.
  • I’ve always loved you.
  • Shut your mouth, Walter Cunningham! It’s none of your business!
  • Call the police!
  • There’s a phone booth on the other side of the walkway!
  • "No!"
  • "Oh, I hate this."
  • "And I thought I was just having a bad dream."
  • "I tried to save my friends at a cemetery from three dangerous men with guns."
  • "One tried to steal a girlfriend from what they say is my father, but I do not know if he is."
  • "That's what I'm afraid of."
  • "Thanks, guys."

Mouse Town

  • "Thank you so much for bringing me! Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be throwing up in the lobby!"