Empores New Groove 2 is a sequel to Empores New Groove and Kronk's new Groove.


Yzma follows her first plan to get rid of Kuzco and turns him into a Lamba.But the plan fails when Kronk accidentally drops the potion and it smashes on the ground.So Yzma puts Kuzco in a sack and throws him out of town.Its now up to Kuzco,Pacha,Malina and Gauka to hurry and take Kuzco back to the palace before Yzma finally becomes impress.In the end of the movie Yzma is offically fired as Kuzco's advisor then Yzma is turned into a speck of dust then thrown into a jar.At the end of the movie Kronk becomes Kuzco's offical advisor.Gauka offically becomes Kuzco's vice Empore.Pacha and his family move into Kuzco's new room called "The Pacha room" and Kuzco and Malina finally get married.After that theme song guy comes out and the credits roll.

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