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Staci holding Infant Jack

Empress Staci Crabgrass
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Disney's KunoichiShow!
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Nicole Sullivan
International Voice
Performance model
Inspiration Donna Tubbs, Aunt Cass Hamada, Marci McFist, Queen Delightful (7D)
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Empress Staci Elizabeth Crabgrass
Other names Mom, Staci, Your Honor, Auntie
Personality sassy, protective, kind, independent, fun loving
Appearance long blonde hair, navy blue dress, crown,
Occupation Empress of Ninchantiss, King Jack Crabgrass' mother, single parent, aunt of Princess Dolliane Kittie McFist, former Ninjette
Goal getting Jack married
Home Ninchantiss
Relatives unseen sister (younger sister), Ruth (mother), Unknown Husband, King Jackson Crabgrass (son), Princess Dolliane Kittie McFist (niece), Queen Gemmiline (23rd great grandmother)
Love Interests
Pets League of Kittens
Allies unnamed mahjong buddies, Mrs. McGregor
Minions Guards of The Ninchantiss Castle
Enemies The Sorcerer, The Sorceress, The Temptress
Likes Soul Food, online shopping, mahjong, cooking, baking, thriller/romance movies
Dislikes messes, Jack's slight stupidity
Powers and abilities various Ninjette Powers
Weapons various Ninjette Weapons
Fate Still remains Empress of Ninchantiss
Quote "Y'all better raise up on outta here"! "Who wants tacos"?!

Empress Staci Crabgrass is Empress of Ninchantiss and mother of King Jack Crabgrass. She was The Ninjette of 1985, but her full service time line was from 1968-1997. Afterwards she faced The Ultimate Fate, became Queen later Empress of Ninchantiss and gave birth to Jack. She is voiced by Nicole Sullivan who also played multiple roles on MadTV, and Super Girl from DC Nation's The SBFF's.


Staci's mother Barbara, was supposed to be a Kunoichi , but it skipped her generation. So the legacy was pass down to her first born daughter, which was Staci. Staci became the Kunoichi of 1985 in Langeles (mainly 1968-1997). During her high school years, she befriended Renee Driscoll, Babi's mother. During her sophomore year, she fell in love with a student who was part of the school's basketball team. Afterwards they got married in 1993, she faced The Ultimate Fate, and had her Queen Cordination in 1995, and got pregnant with Jack in 1996. On April 1, 1997, Staci gave birth to a beautiful and healthy baby boy, which was Jack. Jack was then crowned Prince of Ninchantiss, for 12 minutes. Sadly, Staci's husband had to leave 12 minutes after Jack's birth. A year later, Staci took new born niece, which was Dollianne. Staci raised Dollianne like her own daughter, and let The League of Kittens train her. During the years, Staci trained Jack to be The First Make Kunoichi of Ninchantiss.


  • It is unknown who Staci's husband was, according to KunoichiShow's creator ChardonnayBloo, it has been said that she had a previous romantic relationship with a handsome African man who is possibly Jack's real father.
  • Staci is the only known Kunoichi to conceive a son, since the legacy is passed down from mother to daughter.
  • Staci is similar to Cass Hamada from Big Hero 6.
  • Both raise their sibling's children.
  • Both can cook.
  • And both are very supportive of the children they raise.
  • Her birthdate is May 9 1963, which makes her 51 years old.