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'Epic Mickey:The Series (Sometimes The New Adventures of Oswald The Lucky Rabbit) is an Rated PG Show, on Disney XD Based on The Hit Video Game of the same name. It first episode was on July,4,20 and had '3 Season so far. The Game had 3 games, some how the series is really based on the first two. The Show is going to be created by Disney Team, and it sometimes on Disney Channel and Disney Fanon.


  1. Darkness Risen Again
  2. The Case of The Missing Key
  3. Mad Creation
  4. Walt 'N' Fix
  5. The Silly Song
  6. Paint Up 'N' Down
  7. BLAM OH !.!.???
  8. Balls and Nails
  9. What an Idiot
  10. The End of Wasteland
  11. The Epic Battle Part I
  12. The Epic Battle Part II
  13. The Epic Final Battle Part III

Season 2: Mad Doctor VS Pete

  1. Follow Mickey
  2. Pete's Back 'N' Return
  3. Oswald's Gastion
  4. Wasteland Gone
  5. Teaming Up
  6. Loop It Back
  7. Earthquick Clean Up
  8. It's Alive
  9. Big Mistake
  10. Teaming Then Up
  11. The Epic Battle 2
  12. Robot Battle Showdown Part 1
  13. Robot Battle Showdown Part 2

Season 3: The Final Days of Wasteland

  1. End Again
  2. Last Way if We....
  3. Blam OH Blam !?!?
  4. Minnie On Wasteland
  5. Robot G And D
  6. The Robot Death
  7. Oattle and Mattle
  8. And The Last
  9. Almost Time
  10. World The World
  13. The End


  • The First Season is based on Mickey Visting Wasteland and visiting his brother again but on a special day of ten years to go to wasteland on a special mioro
  • Oswald talks more\

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