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The high-pitched bell of Strington Junior High began it's final ring of the day and the students began to file out toward the various exits. Among these students was the eleven-year-old sixth-grade-student Erika Swanson. She was a little on the skinny side with short black hair.

Erika had been homeschooled all thoughout grade-school, and had only just entered into the local public middle school. Her mother had explained that things would be hard to get used to at first. She was right, of course. Things were strange in school. She had no friends that went to Strington Junior, so she was always sitting alone. And the other girls kept bothering her. Bothering her about what music she listened to, how she dressed, about what boys she liked, how.... small.... she was.

As she turned down the street to walk home, she began to think about how annoying it was. About how they all just wouldn't stop bothering them. She passed an alley between a Barnes and Nobles and a Quick Stop Grocery.

"You there. Girl."

She turned. There was a figure just within the alley. Although the day was overcast it was still fairly bright, yet he seemed covered in shadow. He must've been about eight feet tall and by the look of his silouhette had no hair. His voice sounded strangely cold.

"Come here."

Erika approached cautiously. She wasn't about to become one of those girls you hear about on the news who vanishes for monthes then turns up a mutiliated corpse.

"What is it?"

"That is what I am trying to learn," said the man.


"At the moment my will is irrelevant," He said, raising a hand. "Would you like to stop the other girls from laughing at you?"

Erika blinked, taking a step back, "Are... are you the devil or something?"


"'Cause I've heard of this," she said. "You offer me anything I want and I give you my soul, right?"

"Believe me," answered the man in a voice of dismissal, "I have far greater things on my mind then the acquitition of little girls' souls."

"So..." Erika peered into the alley, hoping to see the man's face. "Are you a genie?"

"You are wise to be cautious of a stranger who offers you anything you desire, but Djinn are not as easy to meet as this. If so, I would have settled this years ago."

"Settled what?"

"Something which is none of your concern at the moment." The man's voice stayed firm, cold, and business-like. "I am offering you something to put an end to your loneliness and life as an outcast."

Erika looked up and down the sidewalk she was on, "You're not gonna kill me are you?"


"Well... I guess..."

The man held out his hand, which was large and covered in a thick black glove. In the palm was a small perfume bottle, filled with a milky white liquid.

"With this," said the man, "You will put an end to it, and find someone important to you."

She blinked, looking scared and apprihensive, "What's the catch?"

"I will ask you for a favor one day."

There was a pause, as Erika waited for something more.

"That's it?"


She eyed the dark man, "I'm not gonna hafta kill someone, am I?"


"It's not something illegal, is it?"

"Not on this planet."

Erika blinked, then smiled looking somewhat amazed, "You're from another planet?"


"But then how can you speak English?"

"Every civilization in the universe speaks the English language, save for certain ones on Earth. Don't tell anyone."

Erika blinked. That seemed like a rather unusual peice of information. And the fact that what he would one day ask her for a favor that was illegal to some alien race wasn't too encouraging. But the dark man broke the silence.

"Will you take it?"

She thought for a moment. There would be no harm in it. This was probably just a big joke, anyway. This guy was a little weird, but what the heck? He was giving her free perfume.


She reached out and carefully took the bottle. He opened his now-empty hand, indicating that he wanted a shake.

"Are we agreed, then?"

"I think so, yeah." She shook his hand, which was much bigger then her own. It felt rough and jagged under the glove.


For a moment, she thought she saw a glint of red in one of his eyes.

"And can never be undone."

He turned and began to walk back down the alley. Erika put the perfume in her bag and began to walk home. There was a sudden, Earth-shattering Boom coming from the Quick-Stop causing her to turn. The buildings looked fine. This, combined with the red color in that man's eyes and the texture of that guy's skin made her feel uneasy and she quickened her pace.

She arrived finally arrived home, turning to see her three-year-old sister Sarah on the floor watching TV. Sarah had wispy blonde hair back in a ponytail.

"Hi, Erika!" she said turning.

"Hey, kiddo." Erika smiled in her direction. "Whatcha watchin'?"


"Gotcha." Erika moved past her toward the stairs. "I'm going to my room if anybody needs me, okay?"


Erika headed into the upstairs hall, and went past her older sister Marie's room. The door was open and loud music was blaring out as usual. She sighed and opened the door to her own room nextdoor. She tossed her bag onto the floor before lying down on the bed and sighing. Eight hours a day, five days a week. She'd go to that school and suffer the taunts and jeers of all those other kids. It was like a daily torture.

Her eyes caught the bag on the floor. In the tiny opening she could see the white liquid filling the perfume bottle. It glowed in the shadows of her bag. Getting on the floor, she pulled it out and stood up next to the full-body mirror on her closet door.

He'd given it to her. Might as well try it. It said it would help her find who was important to her, and stop the teasing of numberous girls. She turned to see her reflection in the mirror. She lowered the spray over her butt and gave a little poof. The back of her skirt became slightly damp and the perfume gave off a very strong smell of peaches. The mist tickled her nose and she giggled.

She wondered for a moment if this did anything, but her question was quickly answered.

A pain went off in her stomach not ten seconds after she sprayed her bottom. It subsided quickly, but was followed by something far worse. In an instant, her panties became filled with her waste as it splarted out of her butt. She looked into the mirror again not sure if that had just happened. Tears were beginning to form in her eyes.


Does it ever seem like whenever something horribly embarrassing happens to you, your mother walks in? Without knocking her mother, a tall brown-haired woman named Veronica strolled right in.

"Erika, I wanted to see if you needed-" Her mother paused in the middle of opening the door, and smiled warmly. "Well, I guess you do. I can smell it."

"Mom!" Erika backed away, pulling her skirt down a little. "I really want to be alone right now!"

"All right, all right," she replied with slight irratation. "I'll just change you then leave you alone, kay?"

'Change me?' Before Erika could comtemplate this, her mother shamelessly strolled toward her dresser and opened her underwear drawer.


"I heard you, Erika." sighed her mother. "I'll hurry up about this."

Veronica walked to a corner of the room where a thick white mat had been laid down. There was a little white bottle on one side next to a trash can. The trash can had always been there but the mat... Erika's eye caught what her mom had pulled from her underwear drawer. It was white and looked like... plastic...

Veronica was kneeling by the mat now, looking impatient. "Well, c'mon. Sooner we do this, the sooner I can leave."

At a loss of anything else to do, Erika walked over. Her mother signalled for her to lie down. Once she was on her back in front of her, her mother lifted her skirt to see her soiled panties.


She slid them off her legs in one smooth motion, and waving them in front of her. Erika turned bright red and pulled her skirt down.


"Young lady, where did you get these?" she asked, looking at the panties. "Did your sister give them to you?"

Erika blinked, "What..."

"I'll buy you big-girl pants once you're able to use the potty," she stated angrilly. "Using them before just makes messes I need to clean up. If I see you in these again, I'll tan your hide, understand?"

Erika blushed again. Her mother had spanked her before when she was younger. She nodded and her mother tossed the panties into the trash.

"That's right. Now, legs up."

Erika soon found her legs being lifted up and her mother wiping the remains of the mess off her bottom with what felt like a wet-wipe. She was already blushing a deep crimson color when her mother grabbed the bottle she'd noticed earlier. Veronica shook it, sending a white powder sprinkling onto her butt. It kinda tickled and circumstances aside, Erika giggled a little as she did it. Then her mother slid something soft under her butt and she felt something snug covering her crotch.

"There, all done. Now you can be alone."

Erika sat up and her mother exited, closing the door behind her. She looked under her skirt. It was a diaper. Her mother had put a diaper on her. Standing up, she walked toward her mirror. It was thick and plastic, making her hips and butt seem a little rounded. She put her hands on her butt and pushed down on it. It seemed very cushiony and it was forcing her legs apart a tiny bit. What's more, it peeked out from the very bottom of her skirt. What was even more disturbing was that her mother did it. Erika dashed toward her dresser and opened her underwear drawer.

It was filled with diapers. All the same size, big enough to fit her. Maybe that perfume had made it so that she was never potty-trained. She needed a test.

Heading out into the hall, she strolled over to her sister's room. The door was still ajar and pop music was blaring loudly.

"Marie?" Erika asked, in a shy voice. For a moment it seemed she couldn't hear her over the radio, but in another instant she had shut off the music and turned to her as though she'd just interrupted something very important.


"Umm...." Erika wasn't exactly sure how to say this. "Does my diaper look different to you?"

Marie eyed the plastic garmet peeking from under her skirt, "Same plastic crap-catcher as always. Why?"

"Oh, uh... so reason..."

Marie sighed irritated and turned the music back on. Erika headed back to her room.

She opened her school bag again. All the school books were the same, meaning she was still in sixth grade. She was just incontenent.

Still blushing, she turned to her reflection in the mirror and frowned. She could still see her diaper under her school-skirt. That wouldn't do at all. How was this supposed to stop kids from teasing her? If anything, it would just make teasing worse. She picked the bottle up off the floor and headed outside.

"Mom?" she called as she walked down the stairs. "I'm heading to the park, okay?"

"All right, dear," came Veronica's voice from the kitchen. "Be back in time for dinner."

Erika walked out the door and back in the direction of the Quickstop. She needed to find that shadowy guy and give back this perfume. Then get him to give her something that would make her stop wetting her pants. But when she got to the Quickstop, she ran up and down the alley to find nobody there.

Sighing, she walked back home and stopped at the park in between her house and the Quickstop. She walked up and down the dirt paths, wondering how she could meet that guy again, when she heard someone call her name.

"Oh, my god! Erika?"

She turned to see something that made her blood run cold. Heather Jones was moving over the grass with a sneering look on her face. Heather was a red-haired girl who was one of her most persistant bullies. She was head of the swim team, a position she often lorded over other students. That look she was giving wasn't making Erika feel that good. She could see Heather's seven-year-old sister playing over on the swings.

"Are you wearing a diaper?"

Erika suddenly blushed, realizing that in her haste to meet the man at Quickstop she didn't put on a longer skirt. She tugged her skirt down, hoping that would hide it.

"I don't know what you're talking about, Heather," she said coldly, turning her back to her.

But Heather then got behind her, lifting her skirt up and showing her pampered butt to the world. "Oh, god, you are! This is just too rich."

Erika turned and tugged her skirt out of Heather's grasp, but the girl went on, "Those're what my sister wears to bed. Do you wet your pants now, baby Erika?"

If her face were any redder, Erika could pass for a tomato, "I... I've got a medical condition."

"Yeah right," scoffed Heather. "I know you were under-developed already," (Erika crossed her arms, covering her flat chest) "but I at least thought you were potty trained. Tell me- When you're in choir, do they have to stop practice to change you if you get stinky?"

That was it. Erika looked at the bottle in her hand, which she was going to give to the guy at Quickstop. But she looked Marie, glaring.

"Let's see how you like it."

She let loose a puff into Heather's face, but as she did so, blinked. When she sprayed her butt, the perfume smelt like peaches. But now it gave off the scent of old motor oil. Heather bent over slightly, covering her mouth and giggling as the perfume tickled her nose. She turned up at Erika, scoffing. Emphasis on up.

"What was dat stuff?" she asked in a hauty, if not higher voice. "You stupid. You gots di-dees."

Erika blinked. Heather had shrunken into a three-year-old. Her clothes somehow still fit on her tiny frame, but...

"Umm... Heather? How old are you?"

Little Heather went into a cute if not irritating sneer. "Me big girl. Me this much." She held up all her fingers, but then blinked, trying to figure out how to hold up an eleventh finger to show her age.

So she still seemed to think she was a eleven, but her mind must've been effected at least a little.

"Heather?" Erika asked, backing away from the girl "I'm gonna go now... uh... see you at school."

Erika ran as fast as she could to a nearby bench, and heard Heather call after her ("You still big baby!"). But she soon found a little bench that she sat down on.

This was big. She had a spray that was able to make people either incontinent or three-years-old. What was she supposed to do with this. It was one thing to make herself a pampered kid, but what would Heather's parents say when she came home eight years younger? She felt her diaper under her butt on the bench, so cushioned that it felt like she was sitting on a small pillow. It reminded her she needed a way out of her own problem, too.

"Hey, uh... mind if I sit?"

She looked up. Tim was standing by the bench, looking at her.

Tim was a friend she knew in kindergarten, but in first grade he got transferred to a private school on the other end of town. But they were re-united at Strington Junior high, and Erika was surprised to find he had become really cute. He had short black hair and almost always seemed to be wearing red shirts. She found that he'd become a member of the art club of school. She was always scared to approach him because he was cute, so their encounters since their reunion had been limited to brief "hellos" in the halls.

"Oh... oh, sure!"

Tim sat down, and Erika looked down. She had her hands and the perfume in her lap, and it was obscuring the veiw of the diaper peeking out.

"I heard you got onto the school choir," said Tim.

"What? Oh, yeah." Erika blushed. She must look so stupid. "I'm not that good, but I like doing it."

"I'll have to come to the next concert."

Erika could just imagine herself seeing Tim in the audience and her voice cracking from nerves, "So you're in the art club?"

"Yeah," said Tim, looking up at the sky, "I've gotten pretty good at art. Of course last time we really spent time together all I could do was finger-paint."

Erika giggled. Tim sniffed the air, "What's that smell?"

Her blood suddenly ran cold. Did she soil herself again? In front of Tim?

Tim inhaled again, "It smells sorta like peaches."

Erika relaxed, "Oh, th-that's me. I got this new perfume. It makes me smell like... y'know... peaches."

"I like it." He turned to look at her, and she kept her blushing face on the ground, "It sorta suits you."


"Well... yeah-"

There was a sudden honking noise. Tim looked up at an older boy with long black hair in a motorcycle with a side-car.

"That's my brother," he said, standing up. "I gotta go. See ya, Erika."

"Oh, uh...." Erika was caught off gaurd by the sudden end to their meeting, but somewhat releaved she wouldn't make a fool of herself. "See ya, Tim."

Tim ran off, and Erika realized she was holding her breath. She let it out, slowly. Upon hearing a fuss on the path in front of her, she looked up. Little Heather was being dragged by the hand of her now-older sister. But she noticed a large wet spot down the legs of Heather's jeans, and she was yelling over the voice of her sister, struggling to get her wrist out of her grasp.

"How did you get your Pull-ups off without taking off your jeans? And why do you smell like motor oil?"

"Me no wear Pull-Ups! Me gots big-girl pants! Me big sistaw!"

"You should've come to me if you needed to go potty. Do you have any idea how angry mom is gonna be about this? She's gonna kill me!"

Erika blinked. It seemed like the world changed to fit whatever happened, but Erika seemed to recall the way things should be. So it wouldn't be any real harm to keep Heather like that. Maybe she'd grow up to be a little nicer this time. She looked at her watch. It was almost time for dinner. She got up and headed home.

She walked through the front door of her house a little later, still early for dinner. After telling mom she was back, she headed upstairs to do her homework. Putting the perfume absent-mindedly on a table in the upstairs hall, she walked into her room.

As Erika closed the door to her room, Marie opened her own.


At not hearing a reply, Marie frowned. She had a hot date tonight. Mark Tanner was taking her to the movies after dinner and she still hadn't chosen an outfit. She needed to borrow her mom's perfume if she was going to make an impression. Mark was the captain of the baseball team, and being his girlfriend could make her a shoe-in for the cheerleading squad, seeing as the squad leader was his twin sister.

She was about to just head downstairs for her mom's room anyway when she spotted a perfume bottle on the table between her and Erika's rooms. She grabbed it and headed back into her room. Mom wouldn't mind her using it a little bit.

Marie looked in the mirror again and decided this outfit wasn't going to cut it. She needed something that would show off her body more. As she stripped and looked into her closet, the perfume kept sticking out in the corner of her eye. It was so white and shiny, reflecting the light of her desk-lamp and making this aquatic shadow on the wall. She picked it up delicatly. Even if it didn't smell nice, it was certainly pleasing enough to the eye to keep around.

Suddenly there was a knocking on her door, followed by the sound of Erika's voice.

"Marie? Can you take me by the mall tomarrow? I... kinda need some new skirts."

"I'm not your personal chauffeur!" Marie yelled through the door. "Go ask mom!"

"She's working tomarrow."

"Well, too bad! I didn't get my liscence just to cart you around town!"

She heard Erika's door close and knew she'd done back to her room. Marie turned back to the perfume bottle. It twinkled in the glass. She rose it to her face and squeezed the puffer.

The perfume danced across her face, tickling her nose and misting her skin. But it smelt like... dirt. Like she was stuck in some deep, dank whole. She covered her face to rid of the smell but couldn't help laughing at the way it felt on her nose.

She suddenly keeled over. There was something wrong with her lower stomach. She really, really needed to go to the bathroom. And it was clear that she couldn't hold it for the life of her. She turned to the clothes disgarded on the floor and realized she had no time to dress. She barged through the door and down the hall past Erika and Sarah's rooms to the upstairs bathroom. Thankfully, nobody was inside and she was able to head straight for the toilet. She sat down on it immidiately, hearing her pooh fall into the bowl. That's when she heard noises from the hall.

"What's all this?" It was her mother's voice. "Marie! Did you leave your clothes all over the guest room?"

Marie felt sick. She felt ashamed of herself for sitting here naked on the toilet, bowels emptying themselves without her consent at all. She couldn't stop tears from running down her face and when she called to answer her mother, her voice shook.

"I'm in hewe!"

Wait, that wasn't her voice.

Her mother appeared in the doorway, looking at her.

"Lookit you, Marie," said Veronica, smiling. "You managed to get all the way up onto the big-girl potty. If you keep this up you'll be able to wear panties like Sarah."

Her mother moved toward her and helped her slide off the potty. But Marie was only knee-high to her. She backed away as Veronica moved to wipe her, tears still streaming down her face.

"What happened? Me big girl!"

"Of course you are, Marie," answered Veronica happily. She pulled the door into a hug to comfort her, "You're getting to be a really big girl."

Veronica stood up, her daughter still in her grasp, and looking over her mother's shoulder, Marie could see in the mirror. She was... three. She was like Sarah's age! She had been reduced to a tiny crying toddler carried on her mother's shoulders!


She began to kick her feet onto Veronica's huge chest, arms flailing.

"Marie, settle down!"

"NO! Me big girl! No baby! No baby!"

Veronica continued to carry the girl to her room. But it wasn't her room anymore. It was a plain, unpersonalized bedroom. Her clothes were still scattered on the floor, along with the bottle of perfume. But those weren't her clothes anymore... There were some training pants that her mother slid up her legs and a little black shirt with a pink skirt. She was dressed quickly and easily dispite the flailing of her weak, tiny limbs. She continued to scream until Veronica slapped her bottom through her Pull-ups.

"Listen, young lady- it's true you're getting to be a big girl, and that means you can't throw tantrums like this anymore. I'm glad your got to the potty on time, but I've gotten a little sick of you taking your clothes off and streaking around. That stops now, understand?"

Sniffling, Marie nodded.


Veronica picked Marie up and carried her past Erika's room to the one shared by Marie and Sarah. Put the pouting girl on the ground and left to put the finishing touches on dinner.

As Veronica walked down the stairs, Sarah walked up. Seeing Erika's door was closed, she moved to the door past it, the room she shared with her twin sister Marie.

"Hi Marie."

Marie's still tear-stained eyes looked up at Sarah. She was as big as she was, but Marie remembered that Sarah had panties on under those jeans, not training pants. With a twinge of pleasure though, she reminded herself that Pull-ups were still a step up from Erika's garmets of diapers.

"Wanna play?" Inquired Sarah.

"Go away!" said Marie, hotly.

Sarah "Hmph"ed and walked off. She noticed the door to the guest room was ajar. There was something glittering on the carpet. She walked closer, seeing that it was one of mommy's perfume bottles. She picked it up, and as children often do, puffed some of the white substance onto her chest.

Inside her room, Erika set her pen down on her finished Spelling homework. She heard alot of noise outside her door a minute ago. Judging by the voices, it sounded like Sarah was raising a fuss over something. Even though Sarah didn't have tantrums like that very often.

She headed outside, planning to watch some TV before dinner, but as she closed the door to her room, someone popped her head out of Marie's room.

"Hey, Kiddo."

The girl walked out of the room fully. She was to be about Marie's age, but with blond whispy hair. She was dressed in faded blue jeans and a light blue shirt. But the only person who had hair like that in her family was...


"Yup." Sarah walked over to her, looking her in the eyes. "What's with that expression, kiddo?"

Kiddo. That was her little name for Sarah, but how did this happen? She spotted something glittery in her hand.

"That... that perfume!"

"Yeah, someone left it in my room," said Sarah, holding it up. "Smells alot like pine trees."

"It's mine," said Erika, still thrown for a loop at seeing her baby sister twice her height. "I mean I bought it..."

"Oh," Sarah handed it the bottle to her. "So did you still want me to drop you by the mall tomarrow?"

Erika blinked, recalling her need for longer skirts, "Oh, uh... sure. Right."

But suddenly there was a pattering noise behind them. Erika turned to see a tiny Marie heading toward them with an angry look in her eyes.


"Give it!"

Marie jumped up, hands outstretched upward to get the bottle in Erika's hand.

"Gimme that bottle!"

Erika blinked, "Did... did you spray it on yourself too?"

"Give it!"

"Whoa there, Cowgirl," Sarah picked up the formerly-eldest sister by the scruff of her shirt. "You shouldn't mess around with that stuff. You remember how mad mom was when you got into her make-up?"

Erika's brain was reeling. Her snotty, rude older sister was now her bratty, spoiled baby sister. And her cute, sweet baby sister was now her kind, considerate older sister. She could recall a time when Sarah (the little Sarah) had gotten into Mom's make-up and made a huge mess. Maybe they just switched events in their lives.

Marie suddenly pointed up at Sarah, "You baby! Put down!"

Sarah rose an eyebrow, "I'm a baby? I'm the only person in this hallway that's wearing real panties, little-miss-Pull-ups." She suddenly shook Marie by the scruff of her shirt. "Now you better settle down. Mom said she wasn't going to take any tantrums tonight."

The middle-sister blushed. Marie had training pants. That meant she had at least a slight degree of bladder control, which was more then she had. But her Marie continued to struggle and opened her mouth to speak when their mother's voice came from downstairs.

"Dinner's ready! Anybody who's eating better get down here!"

Marie stopped struggling, letting her limbs go limp in Sarah's grasp. The blonde lowered her onto the ground.

"Okay, let's go."

Sarah didn't seem to remember being three, surmized Erika. She was the only one besides their mother who seemed to think things were normal. But Marie did seem to remember being a teenager, which was why she wanted the perfume so bad. But they still didn't know why the perfume effected some people differently or how vast the effects of the perfume could be. She opened her door and tossed the perfume onto her bed before closing it.

"Hey!" Marie turned her head to see toward Erika as she closed the door. "You gimme bottle!"

Marie moved to run toward Erika, but had her wrist caught by Sarah.

"You heard mom, Cowgirl. It's dinner time."

Soon enough, the four ladies of the house were seated at the table. Marie was squirming in the booster seat that had once been Sarah's. This night was getting more humilating as it went on.

"So Sarah," inquired Veronica from over the biscuits. "Tell me about this Mark."

Marie's brain ceased all activity that wasn't related to one thought. Mark! She was supposed to be going out with him tonight! And now her formerly pint-sized sister was stealing away her chances of getting on the cheerleading squad?

"Well, he's a Junior," answered Sarah, looking blissfully into space, "He was so nice to me when I asked to go out with him. I mean, if you're a Freshman asking out a Junior or Senior, you're dead, but..."


The heads at the table turned to Marie in her highchair, which she was still struggling to get out of.

"Mawk's why boyfweind! You stay 'way!"

Veronica sighed, "Marie, you've never even met Mark. What's with you tonight?"

"Yeah, cowgirl," said Sarah, smiling encouragingly. "Once you get to pre-school the boys'll be falling all over each other to get to you."

Sarah was now completely treading on Marie's turf, and her calm grip on things only served to make Marie madder. She decided to keep her mouth shut for now, stewing angrilly in Sarah's, now her high-chair.

Following dinner, she was taken out of her chair and put on the floor. She walked into the living room. Erika was seated on the couch flipping through channels, still dressed in her school uniform, diaper, and socks. Marie pulled herself onto the couch before turning angrilly to her sister.

"I wanna watch TV!"

Erika blinked. Whenever Marie wanted something like the remote, she always asked for it before prying it forcefully out of her sister's hand. Of course, now she ill-adapted to do it. But looking at her like this, Erika couldn't bring herself to deny her something as simple as control of the television.

"Okay... here."

Marie pulled the remote out of Erika's grasp and worked to use it as it was now large and awkward. As she punched down numbers with her index fingers, she muttered so Erika could hear her, "Stupid diaper-baby."

Blood rushed into Erika's cheeks. She felt bad enough about her new... problem without being reminded that her three-year-old sister wore training pants.

"Hey, I'm older then you are, Marie!"

Marie smirked, eager to get some power over someone, "You still jus' big diaper baby."

Erika snatched back the remote and flipped back to her station, "Y'know, you've really turned into a brat, Marie."

"Hey!" Marie stood up. "Give it back!"

"What's with you two?"

Sarah walked in, looking at her sisters from behind the couch.

"You're usually really nice to Marie, kiddo. Why so cranky tonight?"

The eleven-year-old blushed, looking down, "She keeps bringing up my diapers."

Sarah shrugged, "You can't tell me that's getting to you now, Kiddo. She only makes it to the toilet half the time, anyway."

"Haf's betta then none!" Marie replied hotly.

Sarah moved in front of the couch, standing over her two seated sisters.

"Listen, something up with Marie tonight. She probably didn't get a nap earlier or something, but if you don't just give her the remote, she'll throw a tantrum and mom'll be all over her, and then we'll never hear the end of it." She brought her finger dramatically into Erika's face, "So relinquish control of the remote into our baby sister's hands for tonight or else you will feel the wrath of my great and terrible punishment!"

Erika blinked, "Great and terrible-"


Sarah suddenly seized one of Erika ankles which were hung over the edge of the couch and brought it up. Erika was pulled so her back was now against the seat of the sofa, her face looking up at the ceiling. Her diapered naval was suspended slightly, and in pain view as her skirt fell back to gravity. It was then that Sarah prepared her copyrighted super-ultra-mega tickle technique for use through the socks on Erika's foot.

The middle sister suddenly burst into laughter, kicking both her feet. One moved up and down, while the other remained in helplessly inside Sarah's death grip. Seizing the opportunity, Marie grabbed the forgotten remote and ran past Sarah to sit on the carpet and watch TV. All this while Erika was trapped, helpless against her now-big sister's laugh making ability.

"STOP!" she cried between sobs of laughter. "STOP! I GIVE!"

"I dunno." Erika could just barely hear Sarah's voice under her own giggles. "I seem to have you in my grasp." Sarah's smirk became more pronounced, "You cannot free yourself from my power, can you?"

"N-NO!" Erika's hysterical laughter made her barely able to form speech.

"Because you are helpless, yes?" Sarah continued, thinking back to her collection of Kung-Fu movies. "You are as helpless as the worm that fights the eagle?"

"YES! I'LL DO....."

Erika broke off, unable to speak.

Sarah had an a powerfull touch when it came to tickling. Her ability at it was second to none, and her victims laughed like they never did before. There were already tears of laughter heading down Erika's cheeks. Erika was Sarah's favorite victim. Alot of the people she tickled her hardest would lose bladder control and wet themselves, but since Erika was always diapered and had no bladder control to begin with, there was no worry about that. But it was cut short as the doorbell rang. Sarah let go of Erika's ankle, turning to the door. The girl's leg came down, as the middle-sister giggled still. Sarah headed straight to the door, opening it.


Sarah tossed open her arms, hugging him. She then grabbed his hand, pulling him inside.

"C'mon, I want you to meet my sisters."

Standing side-by-side, Erika and Marie had come toward the door to see Sarah's date. Marie was looking up at them both with an angry, pouting look on her face, but Erika had on her usual shy expression. Sarah had to say the sight was quite cute.

Mark had on his red letter jacket and his red cap, which Marie could see as he stepped into the light of the living room. One of the things she didn't like about him was that he had a sort of freaky Richie-Cunningham-goodness about him. Other girls found it cute, but she found it nerdy and disturbing. He would never gotten onto the Baseball team if he couldn't hit the way he did. But it was beginning to sink in to Marie that there wasn't much she could do about this.

"This is Marie," said Sarah, gesturing at the toddler.

Mark bent down to see her better. "Hey, there. I've gotta cousin about your age. You go to Star-rings Preschool?"

When Marie only glowered at Mark, Sarah waved her hand dismissingly, "She's a little cranky tonight." She moved to gesture to Erika. "This is Erika."

Erika blushed. She was still bad at meeting new people. "H-Hi."

"Hi." Mark held out his hand and Erika shook it. The jock then stood up and turned to Sarah, "So you ready for the movie?"

"One second."

Sarah was kneeling in front of Marie, and pulled up her skirt. Looking at her training pants, she frowned. Then she reached over and slipped her hand under Erika's skirt and plunged two fingers down the front of her diaper (Erika's turned scarlet). The teen then stood up again.

"We'll go in a minute. I just got two soggy little sisters to take care of."

The girls in question could just blush. Pampers Kid-Line. By the time Sarah patted her on the butt and told her she was done, her face was as red as the sun. The fact that Marie was standing by smirking didn't make her feel much better.

"Anyway, we gotta get going if we're gonna make the show," Sarah said as Erika moved back toward the couch. "You two won't burn down the house or anything will you?"

Marie said nothing. Erika was on the couch, her face still red, "We'll uh... we'll be okay."

"Great. C'mon, I gotta tell you about..."

She and Mark headed out the door. Marie sat down on the floor to watch TV in the same spot Sarah occupied when Erika came home from school just that afternoon. Erika put her head down and thought.

She needed to think about what she would do at school. She asked her mom at dinner if she would add some length to her school skirts, so she would be safe from more teasing over her pampers. And Sarah was going to take her by the mall today so she could get some new everyday skirts for after school (she found out most of the ones she had weren't quite as long as she needed them to be). But someone was bound to find out, and then it would be all over the school. And what would she do if she needed a change in-between classes.

She looked at the package of diapers in the corner that Sarah had changed her with. The label still read Pampers Kid-Line. She wondered why they would make that. It didn't seem like there would be a very high demand for it. She considered for a brief moment simply using the perfume on people she knew would bug her at school, but she snubbed that idea. She couldn't tell what the effects of the perfume were and what made them react. So far it had managed to turn two girls into three-year-olds, one into a sixteen-year-old, and make another incontinent. And there were no instructions about its use...

She heard Marie giggle. Looking up, she saw the girl smirking at her over her shoulder. Erika tried to ask "What" but it came out muffled.

"Stupid diaper baby," Marie giggled before turning back to the TV.

Erika thought Marie must be referring to her diapers again, but she then noticed that her thumb was in her mouth and she was sucking on it rather vividly. She pulled it out, looking at it as though it wasn't hers. She didn't remember putting it in. And she couldn't have been that deep in thought, could she?

As Erika pondered things, Marie flipped through channels. She was thinking about Mark. He was a real dork and there was nothing she found appealing about him save his position and his looks. But when she saw him tonight, neither didn't seem that important to her. She was still mad that her baby sister was totally treading on her turf, and Mark seemed cute in terms of appearance. But kissing him or doing anything with him just seemed so.... gross.

She turned to the MTV show she was watching and frowned. It was really dull and stupid. She flipped to find something better.

Erika was feeling alot more tired then usual, and stifled a yawn behind her hand as her mother walked in.

"Sarah leave on her date?" At Erika's nodding, she smiled. "Good. I've got your bottle here, Erika, so you can drink it before you and your sister go to bed."

Erika nodded, spying the baby bottle in her mother's hand. She drank from a bottle that night at dinner, which by comparison wasn't that embarrassing (although she was miffed to notice Marie got a sippy cup). This would take some getting used to... Nine was her bedtime before she sprayed herself, and that had stayed the same at least. She just didn't understand why she felt so tired.

Veronica handed the bottle to her and she started sucking. It was pleasantly surprising how warm and creamy the formula inside was. She already felt sleepy, but as the milk reached her stomach she felt even more so. Soon she lowered the bottle, a trickle of its unswallowed contents going down her chin as she felt the white liquid sloshing back and forth in her tummy.

Her mother eyed the bit of formula at the bottom of the bottle, "You finished?"

Erika nodded, "Uh-Huh."

Veronica smiled. Erika never finished the whole thing. She helped the girl up and led her toward her room. She helped the sleepy-head into her pajamas before heading downstairs and turning off the cartoons Marie was watching.


"That's enough Marie," Veronica said simply, tossing the remote onto the couch. "Time for bed."

Marie glanced at the clock on the wall, "It's jus' Nine!"

Veronica nodded, "Yes, and nine o' clock means bedtime for you and Erika-" She blinked, looking at the little girl on the carpet. "When did you learn to tell time."


"Oh, Marie I'm so proud of you!" Veronica picked the tot up and snuggled her before pointing at the clock. "You're right, the big hand is on the 12, and the little hand is on the 9. You're getting to be such a big girl. To think you'll be in preschool next year."

Marie sighed as her mother carried her up the stairs. She had to get big again, 'cause she couldn't imagine what preschool would be like.

The next morning Erika arose slowly. She was warm and safe as usual, but something below her waist felt clammy and gross.

A moment later she poked her head out into the hall, looking back and forth. She looked at the living room from upstairs, and could see Marie sitting on the couch eating cereal and watching cartoons, still in her pajamas. Erika had gotten a look at her diaper, but she didn't seem to know how to change it. Embarrassing as it was, she desperately needed mom or Sarah to be up and awake, because she was completely soiled under her nightgown.

"Hey, Kiddo."

She looked to see Sarah coming up the stairs. As she approached, the blonde girl sniffed the air and laughed, "God, you smell. Need a change, Kiddo?"

Blushing, she nodded and Sarah led her back into her room.

"Erika?" Sarah called from downstairs, "We're waiting!"

Erika took one last look at herself in the mirror. She didn't like pants, and only had one pair of jeans, but she had thrown on one of the few skirts she thought was long enough to hide her diaper. Still a little self-conscious though, she had been checking herself in the mirror since dressing. At first glance she was just wearing a short-sleeved pink shirt and a light blue skirt, but on closer glance, her butt and hips looked a little big and curvy, giving her a ballooned waist. She didn't think anyone would notice, though.

"Okay, I'm coming."

She headed downstairs, spotting Sarah at the bottom.

"Hey, kiddo. Marie's already in the car. Got your backpack ready."

Sarah tossed her a different, smaller backpack then the one she took to school. Looking inside, Erika could see about four or five diapers, talcum powder, her wallet, and two bottles of formula. Two of Marie's training pants were in there too, just in case she supposed. At least she wasn't carting around a diaper bag.

Slinging the bag over her shoulder, she and Sarah headed out to the car. But the sight of Marie strapped in a carseat in the backseat, pouting like hell made Erika double over in laughter. She climbed into the backseat too (at least happy that she wasn't in a carseat), and Sarah got in to drive them mall-ward. The SUV was a hand-me-down to Sarah after mom got a new car. Erika looked out the window on the way there when she suddenly heard Marie giggling behind her. She wasn't sure what was so funny until she found her thumb was in her mouth again. Turning pink, she plucked it out.

After Sarah pulled into the parking lot, she got out to help Marie out of her carseat. Erika got out herself, before Sarah motioned for her to stop. Taking Marie's hand, the blonde headed over to her sister and checked Erika's diaper.

"Huh, that was fast," she commented, feeling a dampness between her fingers. "Well, c'mon."

Erika blinked, struck dumb. "H-here? Now?"

Sarah looked at her, somewhat surprised at her kid sister's reaction, "Well, yeah. You can't walk around wet all day."

If Erika thought it was embarrassing getting changed in front of Mark, a total stranger, she was totally petrified when Sarah guided her to sit on the open trunk of the SUV and unbuttoned her skirt. Having your diaper changed outside in broad daylight with people walking back and forth through the parking lot was infinately more embarrassing then having it done inside with a stranger in the room. By the time Sarah taped the new diaper on and told her she was done, Erika wanted to sink into the cement and die. Her face redder then the sun, she buttoned her skirt back on.

The three sisters began to head toward the doors of the mall, Marie being forced to take Sarah's hand. As they entered the air-conditioned building, Sarah looked to Erika, "So where you gonna be?"

Erika opened her mouth to speak when something caught her eye, "Marie, you okay?"

The black-haired tot was doing a little dance, hopping from one foot to the other. Left foot, right foot. Left foot, right foot.

Sarah smiled, "I know what that means. C'mon, Cowgirl."

Sarah led Marie quickly and quietly to the nearest lady's room. Erika followed, but as her two sisters walked in, she stopped outside the door, self-conscious. A moment later Marie walked out with a grin on her face, Sarah right behind her.

"You're getting alot better," Erika's former younger sister said encouragingly to her former older sister. "Keep it up and you'll get big-girl-pants soon."

Marie felt pride welling up inside her. She wasn't just basking in this to make Erika jealous anymore. It actually felt good to get praised like this, even if it was just for something like pissing in the bowl.

Sarah turned away from Marie to the blushing Erika. "Anyway, where you gonna be?"

Erika blinked before answering, "Oh... well, I was gonna go to get some new skirts, then maybe head to the bookstore."

"Great," Sarah nodded happily. "I'm just gonna drop Cowgirl off in the play area and then I've got some things to do."

Marie looked up at the mention of her new pet-name. Play area?

She then spotted where Sarah was leading her. There was a big section in the center of the mall full of bright-colored plastic play equipment around a huge kid's castle. It was where some kids were left while older kids went about their business. Before Marie could object, Sarah put her on the other side of the waist-high wall and was over her head.

"You be good now. I'll check up on you in a minute."

So Marie was left fuming, and with nothing else to do, she begrudgingly headed toward the play equipment.

Sarah headed into the usual CD store. While considering if it was worth buy a whole CD for just a few good songs, she heard a voice behind her.

"You should do your shopping online. It's cheaper."

"Mark!" she cried, turning around to hug to baseball star.

"Hey, baby." They kissed, and he smiled, "So what're you doing here?"

Sarah shrugged, "Erika wanted to come by, so here I am getting CDs." She smiled, "I had a really good time last night."

"Me too," he said. They began to walk out of the store. "You're not doing anything next week, are you?"

"Not yet," she replied tauntingly.

Mark smiled "Because I know a great place. I think you'll like it."

"I'll be there."

Mark grinned, "Really? Great! See you there, baby!"

Mark moved to leave, when Sarah put a hand on his shoulder.

"Mark? Please don't call me that."

In the play area, Marie would say she was having a good time if wasn't too stubborn to admit it. She was particularly enjoying the sea of balls. She couldn't even find the bottom, it was so deep. Poking the top of her head out of the multi-colored plastic balls, she puttered around, pretending she was a deadly man-eating shark. THat's when she spotted someone.

There was a boy with blue eyes and brown hair carefully getting into the ball pit. Marie had been feeling differently about boys recently. They seemed gross now. Disgusting. And this one was the worst of all- horribly pathetic and sad looking. Taking one of the balls in her hand, the great shark struck.

The boy turned, holding the back of his head, "Hey!"

Stifling an evil laugh, Marie dived again, waiting to strike. The boy moved over to where she last was and she popped up behind him, hitting him again with a ball.

"Quit it!"

Marie stuck her tongue out before diving again. This time the boy dived as well. In a matter of seconds, they bumped heads. Both quickly popped out of the top, rubbing their foreheads.

"Stupid!" Marie cried, glaring at the boy.

"Am not." The boy had tears in his eyes for a moment but blinked them back. "Why'dja throw balls at me?"

Marie smirked, "'Cause you're dumb." With that she dived again.

The boy in question, Dean, didn't like this mean girl. He began to move toward the barrier of the ball pit, planning to head to the slides. As he slung one foot over the edge, Marie popped up on the other side.

"You cannot escape!"

She began to pelt Dean with balls again, causing him to run.


The tot looked up to see her now-elder sister standing over her at the edge of the pit. She grabbed the girl by the underarms and held her to face-level.

"You wanna tell me why you were throwing balls at that poor boy?"

Marie frowned at her blonde sister, "'Cause he was gross."

Sarah's expression went from one of anger to one of confusion to one of amusement, "Oh... I see."

The tot kicked her feet in the hair, "See what?" Sarah set her on the ground beside the ball pit, "See what?"

The elder sister turned, smirking as Marie sat on the floor putting her velcro shoes back on, "Marie's got a boyfriend."

Marie blinked, feeling once again that twinge of disgust at the thought of having a boyfriend, "Nuh-uh!"

"Yes, you do," said Sarah, bending down. "There were other boys in the ball-pit but you only attacked him. I think someone's got a little crush, eh?"

Marie pouted. Sarah was enjoying this way too much. "Do not! He's gross an' stupid, an' dumb!" She folded her arms, to emphasize that the subject was closed.

"Yeah, sure." said Sarah, a smirk remaining on her face. She grabbed Marie's hand. "C'mon, let's go find Erika."

With Marie in hand, Sarah walked through the mall, looking back and forth. Until she spotted her. Erika had her back to them and was shyly peering around a coke machine at some benches. Sarah crept up behind her slowly.



Erika wheeled around, breathing hard but calming down slightly when she saw it was her sisters. Sarah just laughed loudly.

"A little high-strung, aren't we? What for?"

Erika blushed, looking at the ground, "No... no reason."

"Then what were you looking at?" the blonde asked, making to look around the edge of the machine.

"NO!" Erika flew her hands up. "Don't look, he'll see us."

"Him?" Sarah smirked. Both her little sisters seemed to be discovering love today. "A boy you know, Erika?"

Erika stared dead-fixed on the ground, blushing like mad, "Well... well, yes."

Sarah leaned to look closer at her face, "A boy you like, mayhaps?"

The girl said nothing, but gave a feeble little nod. Sarah let out a bold laugh and whapped her sister on the back.

"HA! First Marie, then you! My baby sisters are growing up! Well, get out there."

Erika blinked, worried. "G-Get out there? What do you mean?"

"Y'know! Go talk to him."

She shook her head, but Sarah put a hand on her shoulder and shoved her out from behind the Coke machine.

"You'll thank me for this later."

Erika was out in the open. She knew Sarah wouldn't let her run from this. She walked slowly, trying to control and trembling toward the bench Tim was sitting on.

"Hey uh... M-mind if I sit here?"

"Hm? Oh, sure."

Erika sat down, self-conscious of not only her diaper but everything about her she found at all negative.

Tim smiled, "Wow. Two days in a row. What're the odds?"

"Yeah.... I uh... I came here to get some more skirts and I saw you sitting here."

Tim nodded, smelling the air, "You still smell like peaches."

Erika nodded as well, "Yeah, that perfume seems to be long-lasting. It uh.... everyone I know that I've sprayed it on still smells like... y'know a certain way..."

Tim smiled again. And paused, apparently thinking.


"Y-yes?" she replied in a rather high pitch.

"Would you like to go to the movies with me on Wednesday?"

Erika brightened up, feeling a great weight lifted off her shoulders, "R-Really? Sure! I'd love to go on Wednesday! If... if you really want to..."

"Of course."

Erika stood up suddenly, "Great!"

It was then that Erika realized her problem. After trying on skirts in the dressing room, when she put her skirt back on and left with her purchases, she only half-buttoned it. When she stood up, the button slipped out of its slot, pooling around her ankles and showing her diaper to Tim.

There was a pause as both parties blinked dumbly. Erika quickly snapped out of it and pulled her skirt back up to her waste fumbling her fingers to re-button it.

'Please don't say anything, please don't say anything, please don't say anything....' she kept repeating in her head.

Tim blinked again, "Erika... was that a diaper?"

Erika blushed, her fingers trembled so bad the skirt slipped down to her ankles again, "W-Well.... I... I have some problems with.... accidents..."

Tim smiled understanding, "I get it. You've just got that incontinent thing going around."

Erika blinked, face still beet red, "Going around?"

The boy nodded, "Yeah. Haven't you heard? Alot of kids in school are having problems like that."


"Yeah. I uh.... guess you do too...."

Erika sniffed the air, finding out why Tim slowed down. She had just messed herself, puffing out the back of her diaper.

'Oh God, no! Not in front of Tim!'


Tim held up his hands, "It's okay... we'll just have to do something about it before we go to the movie on Wednesday."

The girl blinked once more, "You... you still wanna go?"

He nodded, "Sure. I mean, I could...." he was about to suggest he change her if she needed it, but then realized what that would invovle her being naked from the waist down in lying in front of him. He blushed and stopped in mid-sentence. "I'm sure we'll think of something."

Erika smiled, her eyes becoming very big, "So... Wednesday?"


Tim headed off. Erika felt explosions going off inside her chest.

"Smooooth, kiddo."

Erika turned around to see Sarah standing over her. She squealed and wrapped her arms around her big sister's waist, snuggling her face into it, "We're going to the movies! You were right! You're the best big sister ever!"

Sarah cooly examined her nails, "I am aren't I? In return, I shall demand your life."

Marie made a "Hmph" noise beside them. "You're going out wifa boy. Boys're gross!"

Erika smirked at her formerly-big sister, "You're just jealous 'cause you don't have a date this week."

"I dun wan' date, smelly!"

Erika blushed strongly again. Marie was still able to get the upper hand with her. Sarah just chuckled, however.

"She's right, you do need a change. Got the skirts you needed?"


"Great let's get back to the car and clean you up. You may want to put that back on, though."

She pointed to the skirt still at Erika's feet. The girl blushed, grabbing it again. They walked out, Erika still on a perfect high, despite Marie's constant taunts of "Smelly sister! Smelly sister! Smelly sister!" ==Voice Cast==

  • Tara strong as erika,marine,sarah, & heather
  • Pat carrol as erika's mom & hearther's big sister
  • jim cummings as green unknown & erika's dad
  • roger craig shriht as mark,little boy & sarah's girlfriend


  • take this purfume-green unknown
  • Mark love me-Erika
  • Oh no i'm in diapers-erika

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