Fantasy Kingdom
Film information

Directed by

Don Bluth

Produced by

Don Bluth
John Pomeroy
Gary Goldman
Ron Miller

Story by

Larry Clemmons
Ted Berman
Frank Thomas
Ollie Johnston
Don Bluth
Gary Goldman
Burny Mattinson
John Pomeroy


Barrie Ingham
Phil Harris
Paul Winchell
Eva Gabor

Music by

Sherman Brothers


Walt Disney Productions
Don Bluth Productions

Distributed by

Buena Vista Pictures Distribution

Release Date(s)

November 18, 1983

Running time

85 minutes




$33 million

Gross Revenue

$10.8 million

Followed by

Return to the Fantasy Kingdom

Fantasy Kingdom is the 1983 American live-action/animated musical comedy fantasy film directed and produced by Don Bluth.

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