Figment's Wild Ride Is An Ride Which Can Cause Figments.It's in Epcot.


You Play As Figment And Fans Of You Guide You To Be In Time In "Journey Into imagation with Figment".You Have To Pass Traps And More.


New :

  • Branden
  • Lesile
  • David
  • Jojo
  • Dave

Old :

  • Joy
  • Dreamfinder
  • Brer Rabbit
  • Tin Toy (Cameo)

Ride POV

The Ride Starts Off When It Looks Like You are Locked In A Cage.You escape the cage and go into an house.Than An School.Than In an Airplane.Than Disney world.Than Epcot.Than Journey Into Imagation. The End.


  • Would Open in 2018
  • The Ride Was Gonna Be About How Epcot Was Made With Figment

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