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Finding Marlin is a June 1, 2018 3D computer-animated film and sequel to the 2003 Pixar computer-animated feature film Finding Nemo. The film will be directed by Andrew Stanton, who also directed the original film and the sequel Finding Dory.




  • Albert Brooks as Marlin, an adult clownfish and the protagonist.
  • Ellen DeGeneres as Dory, a adorable blue tang that suffers of from short-term memory-loss.
  • Hayden Rolance as Nemo, Marlin's only son.
  • Andrew Staton as Crush, the sea turtle who acts in the manner of a surfer dude, and Paul, a mackerel.
  • Bennett Krogh as Squirt, Crush's son and one of Nemo's classmates.
  • Bob Peterson as Mr. Ray, Nemo's teacher.
  • Victoria Strouse as Shelly, Crush's wife.
  • Frank Welker as the Megalodon, It resembles Bruce, but bigger, and the gentoo penguins.
  • Denis Leary as Diego, a piranha.
  • Elizabeth Perkins as Coral, Marlin's " dead " wife.
  • Barry Humphries as Bruce, a vegetarian white shark, ironically.
  • Martin Short as Alan, a Pacific walrus.
  • Steve Martin as Benson, a Pacific walrus.
  • Chavy Chase as Danny, a Pacific walrus.
  • Viola Davis as Flora, a sperm whale.
  • Willie Dafoe as Gill, a serious moorish idol.
  • Jerome Ranft as Jacques, a French-accented shrimp.
  • Brad Garrett as Bloat, a nervous porcupine pufferfish.
  • Austin Pendleton as Gurgle, a fearful royal gramma fish.
  • Allison Janney as Peach, a optimistic pink-red starfish.
  • Vicki Lewis as Deb, a blue-and-white striped damselfish who thinks her reflection is her sister named Flo.
  • Stephen Root as Bubbles, a hyperactive yellow tang fish.
  • Hugo Weavings as Christopher, Marlin's old father and also grandfather of Nemo.
  • Essie Davis as Sophia, Marlin's lovely mother and also and grandmother of Nemo.
  • Ed O'Neill as Hank, an grumpy east pacific red octopus.
  • Diane Keaton as Jenny, Dory's mother.
  • Eugene Levy as Charlie, Dory's father.
  • Ty Burrell as Bailey, a beluga whale.
  • Kaitlin Olson as Destiny, a whale shark.
  • Idris Elba and Dominic West as Fluke and Rudder, a pair of california sea lions.
  • Torbin Xan Bullock as Becky and Gerald, a crazy common loon and a lonely sea lion.
  • David Wenham as Flipper, a common bottlenose dolphin, Marlin's childhood friend and Mikey's girlfriend.
  • Steven Blum as Pete, a killer whale and Flipper's boyfriend.
  • Anthony LaPaglia as Horny, a good but funny narwhal.
  • Sam Neill as Fred, an giant pacific octopus, and Hank's cousin.
  • Torbin Bullock as John, a helpful and friendly but dimwitted blue-footed booby.
  • Peter Siragusa as Boss Crab, a king crab who doesn't like Marlin interrupting and eavesdropping while trying to find his family.
  • Louis C.K as Steven, a sheepshead, Also known as Husband Fish.

Easter Eggs, Cameos and References

The Pizza Planet Truck can be seen when Fred, Diego and Marlin steal the Open Ocean Museum truck.

In the scene where Dory and Nemo meet Alan and Benson when the camera pans underwater to a school of various fishes, If you look closely, You will see Flounder from The Little Mermaid alongside them.

Piper from the short film "Piper" also appears in that scene alongside a group of baby sandpipers running past the camera.

Lightning McQueen, Sally Carrera, Sheriff, Flo, Mater and Doc Hudson from Cars make cameos in the Open Ocean Museum's parking lot.

Remy from Ratatouille appears as a lab rat in the Open Ocean Museum's lab for creating hybrid sea creatures and bringing extinct animals to life.

A goldfish resembling Gino from The Secret Life of Pets appears in the tank where Dory and Nemo landed before John started to eat a cup of popcorn in the ground.



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