Prologue: Preparing for the arrival of Edgar and Mona

Marlin: "Okay, everybody, we've got 12 hours and 39 minutes 'til my parents get here."

Dory: "Okay, Nemo, Gill, you got the welcome banner?"

Nemo: "We got it, Dory."

Gill: "Sure do.

Gurgle: "Jacques, are the decorations ready yet? did you get the entire reef cleaned up?"

Jacques: "Mais oui, zey sure are."

Peach: "Jenny, Charlie, are the sea snacks prepared yet?"

Jenny: "Yes, Peach, they sure are."

Charlie: "They're nice and sanitized."

Marlin: "Oh good, we've got everything all prepared."

Nemo: "I can hardly wait 'til Grandma Mona and Grandpa Edgar see what we've done here."

Marlin: "So can I."

Dory: "Well, we'll just need to wait 'til they show up."

Disney and Pixar pictures presents:

Finding Marlin

Directed by John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton, Pete Docter and Lee Unkrich

Co-directed by Josh Cooley

Produced by Galyn Susman

Screenplay by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack

Music composed by Randy Newman

Scene 1: The anemone reef

Dory: (seeing Edgar and Mona swimming by) "Oh my gosh, they're here, they're finally here!"

Marlin: "Mom, Dad, you're here."

Nemo: "Grandma Mona, Grandpa Edgar, it's good to see you guys again."

Mona: "So good to see you and Marlin again too, Nemo."

Edgar: "What a true clownfish family reunion party this is turning out to be."

Marlin: "Come on, Mom and Dad, Nemo, Dory and I would like to introduce you to Mr. Ray and the rest of Nemo's classmates."

Nemo, Marlin, Dory, Gill, Gurgle, Deb/Flo, Jacques, Bubbles, Bloat and Peach lead Mona and Edgar to the undersea school place.

Mr. Ray: "Nemo, Marlin, Dory, guys, it's good to see all of you again, but wait, who are these 2 elderly clownfish?"

Nemo: "Well, Mr. Ray, these are my grandparents, Mona and Edgar."

Mr. Ray: "Mona, Edgar, nice to meet you, I'm Mr. Ray, the scientific teacher of Nemo, Sheldon, Pearl, Squirt and Tad."

Mona: "Well, Mr. Ray, our grandson is lucky to have such a wonderful scientific teacher like you."

Mr. Ray: "Come on, kids, let's go, swim on to my back, everybody."

The 5 students swim right on to Mr. Ray's back and Mr. Ray leads them on their way to their class location spot.

Mr. Ray: Let's name the zones

the zones

the zones

let's name the zones of the open sea

They all stop at their class location spot.

Mr. Ray: "Okay, here we are, your very best class, now all of you must answer these questions."

(Brief Pause)

Mr. Ray: "Nurse Sharks are A: Fish eaters? B: Kelp and sea grass eaters? or C: coral eaters?"

Nemo: "Kelp and sea grass eaters."

Mr. Ray: "Correct, Nemo, nurse sharks are vegetarian sharks, they're kelp and grass eaters."

Mr. Ray: "Okay, on to the next question: what kind of home do you all live in?"

Pearl raises her right front tentacle.

Mr. Ray: "Yes, Pearl?"

Pearl: "An anemone."

Mr. Ray: "That's correct, okay, that's all the time we have left for this class, but right now, I'm taking all of you to the drop off where your parents, grandparents and I can watch over you."

Nemo: "What a relief, now I don't need to worry about being taken away by another scuba diver again."

Marlin, Dory, Edgar, Mona, Gill, Gurgle, Deb/Flo, Jacques, Bubbles, Peach and Bloat arrive at the drop off with them.

Tad: "Look, Nemo, another motor-boat."

Nemo: "I'd rather not touch another 1 of those motor-boats."

Marlin: "Oh good, Nemo, I don't ever wanna go through losing you or Dory ever again."

Cut to an evil scuba diver/Professor Tracker in his motorboat.......

Evil Scuba Diver/Professor Tracker: "Now's my chance."

The Evil Scuba Diver/Professor Tracker swims right down underwater.

Marlin: "This isn't happening, this isn't happening!"

Nemo: "Dad, watch out!"

Dory: "Don't get too close to that scuba diver!"

Marlin sees the evil scuba diver/Professor Tracker and is captured in a fishing net and put in a little glass container with water in it.

Marlin: "Oh no, not again, somebody, anybody, help me!"

Mr. Ray: "Stay right with me, kids, it's not safe and secureI around that motor-boat!"

Gurgle: "This isn't what I expected!"

Jacques: "Sacre bleu, I do not believe zis ees happening."

Nemo: "I'm sure lucky that wasn't me this time."

Pearl: "So are we."

Dory: "Come on, Nemo, we've gotta find your dad and get him outta that prison."

Nemo: "Right, Dory, come on, you guys, let's go, Sheldon, Pearl, Squirt and Tad, you guys can stay right here with Mr. Ray."

Tad: "You got it, Nemo."

Nemo, Dory, Mona, Edgar, Jenny, Charlie, Gill, Peach, Gurgle, Bloat, Jacques, Bubbles and Deb/Flo swim out on their search and rescue mission.

Bruce: "Remember what we talked about before: fish are friends."

Anchor and Chum: "Not food."

Gill: "You got it."

Jacques: "Mais oui."

Inside Professor Tracker's evil aquarium and lair

Marlin is now inside an aquarium tank.

Professor Tracker: "This clown fish is looking more perfect than before."

Marlin: "Where am I? what am I doing in here? I don't recognize this place, I gotta get back home to my son and Dory and my parents and everybody in the ocean!"

Professor Tracker: "Well too bad, Mr. Clown Fish, I'm about to put you in my museum of deceased fish and sea critters."

Professor Tracker: [Evil Laughter]

Cut back to Nemo, Dory, Mona, Edgar, Jenny, Charlie Gill, Peach, Gurgle, Bloat, Jacques, Bubbles and Deb/Flo swimming around on their way to Marlin's rescue.

Jenny: "Did you guys hear that evil laugh?"

Dory: "Yes, Mom and Dad, it's Professor Tracker!"

Charlie: "And he's planning on killing Marlin this evening!"

Nemo: "We'd better hurry on over there and defeat him right before it happens!"

Gurgle: "Give us a plan, Gill."

Gill: "Okay, here's the plan: Jacques, we need you to create a distraction and break through."

Jacques: "Mais oui, zen let's do ze deestraction."

Gill: "Shark Bait, Dory, you keep a watch for that pelican, Nigel."

Nemo: "You got it, Gill."

Gill: "Everybody, follow me, we just can't miss it."

They all follow Gill around and along the way, they notice Bruce, Anchor and Chum, the now tough but kid friendly sharks from before.

Dory: "Hey, Bruce, Anchor, Chum, how's it going?"

Bruce: "Pretty good here, Dory, but it's a good thing that all of you are remembering that fish are friends,"

Anchor and Chum: "not food."

Nemo: "Okay, we'll see you guys later."

They continue swimming around while Nemo and Dory wait for Nigel to arrive.

Nemo: "Okay, it's silent, too silent."

Dory: (looking up at the afternoon skies) "Oh my gosh, Nemo, look up there!"

Nemo: "It's Nigel!"

Nigel: "G'day there, fellow mates, care for a lift?"

Nemo: "Can you take us to where my dad was taken away, please, Nigel?"

Nigel: "Of course I can, now you and Dory jump right into my beak and I can fly you over there."

Nemo and Dory jump right into Nigel's beak and Nigel flies around with them (still in his beak).

Meanwhile, Jacques is creating the distraction and breakthrough and he, Gill, Peach, Gurgle, Deb/Flo, Bubbles, Bloat, Mona, Edgar, Jenny and Charlie follow right through, 'til they make it right through the secret passage way without being spotted and are later sneaking up on some evil enemies.

Cut back to Marlin in the prison aquarium tank........

Marlin: "I need to find some other ways to get outta here so I can get back home to the ocean."

Pineapple Fish/Toby (off screen): "Have you ever seen anything so pathetic before in your entire life?"

Bluefin Trevally/Felix (off screen): "Man, this clownfish needs our help."

Marlin: "Who's there? who said that?"

Powder Blue Tang/Danny: "Take it easy there, we're on your side."

Marlin: "Whoa, who are you guys?"

Pineapple Fish/Toby: "Allow us to introduce ourselves, I'm Toby, and that's Felix, Danny, Jennifer, Henry, Manny, Alex and Paul."

Marlin: "I'm Marlin, and I need help to get outta here and back home to the ocean right away."

Felix: "Well, Marlin, we came in just the nick of time."

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